Coconut water

trash coconut water thread goes dumpster diving ?(cynical humour/making a joke)
news headlines ?
does your thread require hydration ? :p:D
urban myth or science ?
is product X a miracle cure to my urban wants ?
hhmmm ....
is your thread about both coconut water AND hydration (science?)?
or mostly just about coconut water ?

thread subject matter by post content = urban myth perception & belief over science by average Americans
perception of intrinsic value
intrinsic value to ends

"is hydration real or fake?"

science = "define what hydration is"
you have partially done that as your personal opinion to science

Well, that’s just it. They’re marketing that you can “instantly” hydrate, but it takes timing and consistency to naturally hydrate. If I plan a run at 2 PM in the afternoon, I can’t expect to hydrate enough, one hour before. Liquid IV may help with that but it’s still better to hydrate naturally throughout the day leading up to my run, during and after my run. Quick fixes are okay I guess if you’re running a race etc but not for every day, consistent use.


long distance run during before or after a normal 8 hour work day ?

a long distance runner would have markedly different base physiology to the average american couch potato buying a new trend product off the shelf to get no real benefit from it of my threads takes another detour.
[hard U turn back into its lane]
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Yep. Every thread shouldn’t be derailed with “colorful” commentary that has nothing to do with the topic. Unfortunately, so many threads are turning out like this on here. :/

Your tendency to drift way off topic is becoming noticeably distracting of late. Please try to stay on topic.