Comercial site:are the credits required?


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Now that the site has gone comercial in terms of avatars and payments etc,is it necessary to post (when the content is not original)with necessary disclamers?

Since earlier the website wasnt charging any money etc,so does that mean posting here is done not for educational purposes but for profit?
(I have been posting recently with these Disclamers BTW).


I wouldn't say that the site has gone commercial, and I certainly wouldn't say that it is profit-driven, since that would imply that a profit was being made (certainly not true).
I was just thinking the same thing. I dont pay for sciforums, yet. Maybe when I get my first pay check sometime this century....

Also Sciforums can be used in your taxes. If you donate money to keep this site alive then put it in your taxes, youll get money back. Or if your paying to use sciforums then tell the tax people that your using this site for an educational purpose (for students only).

Just see what you can get away with, youll be surprised.
That's probably not legal. But that's not a judgement - I urge you to defy the government in every way possible, just don't tell them I told you to do so when they drag you in. :)