Communal (jew)diary

Dr Lou Natic

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Dear jew diary,
if I hear the word "iraq" again I'm going to angrily shit myself, I'm just so fucking god damn sick of hearing about fucking iraq... god damn it :mad:
No actually if I hear or read the word iraq ever again I'm gonna punch you right in your jew face, yeah I'm talking to you, you filthy, FILTHY jew diary.
Hey jew diary,
sorry about threatening you and all that, I was just real mad about reading the word iraq all the time. I mean, you'd think it was more than just a shitty little asshole of a turdbox cunty country, but no :mad:
Sorry jew diary, I'm getting carried away again.
It rained today, first time in ages.
Anyway, catch ya later jew diary.
Actually it was the "iraqs" of sciforums that pushed me over the edge. Getting rid of sciforums is something I've been contemplating.

Cesspool huh? Good to see anti-semitism is strong at sciforums. I had a feeling the communal jew diary would be taken from its home and put in a horrible place. You might think he should be used to it, but make no mistake, he will complain.
these cocksuckers of mods don't do their fucking job!

whichever mod put it in the cesspool instead of closing it and banning the author is a poor excuse for a mod and should be banned himself. whoever you are, fuck you and your mother.

go ahead, ban me.. i been wasting too much time in this place anyway