Conscious Driven Evolution

I was always meant to be at peace. Including with you (maybe not in agreement, but ...). Never sure if you were at peace with me. Or yourself. I'm probably not at peace with myself either though that seems to drive me forward and is a good thing. I hope it is for you too. Follow your heart and I'm sure you'll do ok, my heart just said enough abuse.

all the best ...
There seems to be more going on inside cells then we are aware of.

nspired by such research, biologists have now begun to systematically look
for so-called RNA genes." DNA whose final product is RNA instead of
protein. Several groups, including one led by Eddy, recently surveyed the
DNA of the bacterium Escherichia coli and uncovered dozens of such
genes. Just a few months ago, Ambros' team and two other research
groups reported that worms, flies, and people contain dozens of previously
undetected genes that spawn RNA instead of protein.
God, this is interesting stuff. Here's an article on micro RNA modifying messenger RNA to regulate protein synthesis. (Natural anti-sense technology?)

Also of interest are:

Wanted to post these articles before but none of the active threads seemed appropriate. (Wow! This hamster has never chattered with god before.)