consider two things

Gene? Is that you??

LOL! Hey there "Gene".....I'll remember you as a badass drummer, if that makes you feel any better. Can you give me lessons? I can't get that double-stroke roll yet....;)

Welcome to Sciforums.

Checked out your site and artwork and found the variation in style and subject a bit disconcerting and somewhat of a hodge-podge ... but I did like 'Destruction of a Tree' quite a bit. Keep at it.
Thanks Chagur

Yeh, I can understand what you say, you are right, because I don't follow any plan. If I wake up one day and decide to paint something completely different, then I just go with it - well spotted, it's me being truthful to myself.
The painting that you like, it took me a very short period of time and it was inspired by a great friend in Stockholm discussing the green policy. I phoned The Mayor of London (Ken) to tell him of some ideas, passed on the message, but his secretary didn't think I was important enough- so I was ignored. I painted a picture in quiet protest.
Thanks again- good feedback is very welcome
Hey "Gene here"

Doesn't matter what the rest of us think about your paintings. As long as it makes you happy (or at least relieved) expressing your feelings artistically through your paintings...then keep at it! If you have passion for something and are good at it, then you have a higher chance for being successful. I also paint.....don't have anything on a website to look at but I paint...acrylic and hopefully someday oil as well. It's more of a formal training whatsoever (last art class was in 4th grade) will never make any money out of it but it makes me happy. :cool:

That being said, I visited your site and really liked a lot of your paintings.....I'd order a few if I had the money.....nice, they lend themselves to interpretation....very creative.....if it was up to me, you'd make it in the art business. :) Seriously, I'll keep you in mind when I do have the money and start decorating my future home. ;)
Yes, nice paintings!

I especially liked the one that was in the left lower corner on the second page, I think it was just named as oil painting...?

Thank you for signing my guestbook btw, I have not been promoting my art as I should, but time will come for that too. :)
I am right now working on some new oil paintings. Haven´t painted in many years actually, so it feels all new and exciting! :)

I really liked, " eternity, life death," and "lost souls"very interesting pieces.
All art is to do with individual perception I feel, what one person likes another hates so don't feel discouraged KRUPA or Bebelina if someone doesn't like what you've done, for each person that doesn't admire your work another will admire it intensly.
I started to post yesterday and didn't. I liked the viewing of your site. Can't say that I enjoy impressionistic though. Matter of personal taste and not reflection upon your ability. So do not take this as negetiveism. But rather the viewers taste in art.

By all means continue. But do not plan to make a living at art. Most artists only become famous and their name a guarenteed sale posthumously. Do it because you like it. If it sells than you are ahead that much. If it does not, remember the peace and harmony you achieved out of it and the experience and techniques gained from doing the piece. It helps to learn what works for you and what does not.
Hello Adam Krupa...

"Simon & Lena"

"Painting on the Wall"

"Joel & Rosie"

"Lost Soul"

"Holy Pyramids"

"Ayers Rock 2"



These speak to me.

I especially like "Ayers Rock 2." Composition and colours. Superb.

(Hey, if you knew how seldom I say such things about any kind of art, you might take it as a compliment. ;) )

I encourage you to keep at it as long as it's something you enjoy doing. You have a gift.


All the best,

1. not by the sun. yes by me.

2. I like this one

good composition and edges without losing focus on the spirit of the work. well done.

3. who said "impressionist?" wet1, dig into some art history, you'll have fun.

thanks for the link!