copyright image theft (re. spuriousmonkey)

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spuriousmonkey said:
That's because you have no sense of humour.
sure you did. First page.

The offence was your [POST=1149066]post[/POST] after that, to the second page.

It is not funny.
I accuse you of a criminal intent.

You wrote:
"I do have evidence that Perplexity used my avatar without my explicit permission."

which was not true, was it?

I did no such thing.

The image you presented was a counterfeit.

-- Ron.
i have decided you ain't worth the blood pressure so:
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leopold99 said:
well, well, well, it appears that ron numbnuts harvey is a thief.

Indeed, and why one may wonder would such an appearance be attempted when as a matter of fact that photo was unconditionally gifted to me, therefore my property, and the said use of it was immediately approved of by the donor in good faith, and in no uncertain terms, never yet disapproved of, nor did any other objection or confusion arise because of it.

--- Ron.
perplexity said:
never yet disapproved of, nor did any other objection or confusion arise because of it.

Come to think of it there was this comment:

"The colours in the avatar picture are rather off though!".

-- Ron.
imaplanck. said:
You are going into a whole new level of self delusion. She is hot, why would she want to stalk an aging big girls tanktop like you?

"plain and unattractive, invisible to men. This is why I am ignored by them. choice, as my plainness has decided for me.
My apparent chastity seems worthless to me, false even. I feel like a fake. I can't say that my apparent chastity is a matter of my decision and my doing, for it is not."

--- Ron.
who is the thief here? next time use your own server space you thief.

phlogistician said:
“that photo was unconditionally gifted to me, therefore my property.”


The very person who took it and sent me the print, of course, who else?

How else would I have scanned it?

--- Ron.
phlogistician said:

He owns the paper photograph, but not the right to republish it.
He has never received nor asked permission to use it as an avatar in a public space.

The remark about it being off colour was in regards to various computer screen settings.

I had the intention several times to ask him to remove that avatar, but by then knowing his tendency to react intensely, and considering that there were much bigger problems at hand than using a photo without permission or using a real name in open forums, I refrained from asking so.

And if he posts snippets from my old personal messages or forum posts that seemingly give him permission or express gladness over his use of the photograph, keep in mind that they were written in good faith by a person of very limited knowledge about him, struggling to keep focus on the good in him -- while the evidence of the opposite was becoming more and more overwhelming with each day.
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