Covid19 is Reptilian Mississippi river pox

if you could pick a flavor for a vaccine what flavor would you pick ?

  • all fruit flavours mixed together

  • something nasty

  • something very sexual

  • slightly burnt dead animal flesh

  • tuna

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Reptilians (technologically more advanced than humans)

reptilian lower class species (similar & slightly lower intellect than humans)

Reptilians developed a virus mutation from the

because they were originally predated on by a fish predator species for millions of years and so their 1st and oldest series of biological weapons was against fish using fish.

Reptilians have been in a battle against the Nordics for thousands of years


The Reptilians are a war like race
the Nordics are a spiritual peaceful race(slightly more advanced than the reptilians but around equal in over all technology weapons)

if you see any of these, yall in deep shit & dont blame me because its probably your own fault

so Reptilians created coid19 to attack the Nordics
because Reptilians want earth to themselves because they want to use humans like cattle to do all their work for them.

Nordics want earth to remain independent to be an outpost for them in this galaxy

now Reptilian bio-weapons scientists didn't realize how stupid humans are and now they are worried that Reptilian Mississippi river pox, which they developed and deployed to wipe out upper class Nordics controlling western governments, stupid human leadership let it go to far & to fast and didnt act quick enough, now its out of hand and the Nordics are not going to help because they don't want to tip their hand to the reptilians to let them know they are really hurting so have to leave it up to humans to develop a vaccine, but humans cant because they are too dumb
so the reptilians are secretly helping them develop a vaccine to covid19 but they have to keep it quiet and make it look like dumb humans have created it.