Cowspiracy: The Astonishing Hypocrisy of Climate Alarmists

I've read plenty of silly material from climate alarmists that confirms their satisfaction with indisputable ineffectiveness, such as their Meatless Mondays attitude, which isn't a solution. It's a delusion.
So at first you didn't believe any environmental organization advocates avoiding factory farming of meat. Then, when presented with evidence that you are dead wrong, you quickly change to "well, they don't do _enough_" and hope no one notices.

You are a classic denier. You have no firm convictions; rather than beliefs based on an understanding of the issues, you switch to whatever position you read on denier blogs. Content doesn't matter as long as it's denial of whatever climate change issue is being discussed. And when called on your misinformation, you go back to the blogs and pick a different position from the many offered there. (Or, rather than even bother with that, you just post another video.)
What is so telling about the screenshot of in the Cowspiracy documentary is that it listed all their major issues on one page and there wasn't even the slightest hint of there being a Cowspiracy.
Because there isn't one. Cows don't conspire. It's an asinine name. Good on Greenpeace for not adopting the language of the ignorant. So what do they say? From -

Quick facts about agriculture:

    • 6 Big Ag giants control nearly 70 percent of the world's seed market, much of which has been genetically-modified so they can reap profits on every seed they sell.
    • 4 global corporations control 75% of all global grain trade.
    • Top 10 global food processing companies control 26% of the global food markets.
    • Animal livestock (beef, chicken, etc.) -- mostly grown on industrial factory farms -- is responsible for 18 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust of all motor vehicles worldwide.
Do you disagree?

You'll find that most people here aren't true believers. They are natural skeptics - they don't believe something until it has been corroborated and independently confirmed.
Unquestionably, they've all been duped by Al Gore’s global warming paranoia, which doesn't even mention a cowspiracy.
Unquestionably, they've all been duped by Al Gore’s global warming paranoia, which doesn't even mention a cowspiracy.
What's with your Al Gore obsession?

Are you going to attack Jim Carrey and the Pope next because they didn't mention a movie most people could care less about?
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And no one should think you are anyone worth listening to unless you clearly state your opinions and not deliberately obfuscate.
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