Creationism vs something+evolution?


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I'm no expert but I'm going to play a creationist. Evolutionaries can you explain these example in scientific terms, then compare notes and decide which is more likely? design vs evolution (we won't cover what exactly created life).

1) One, don't you think human organs are perfectly positioned to operate on?
2) Why have we got apendics(vestigial organ possibly but make your own idea up). Same with tonsils. I have neither and feel pretty decent, I'm getting used to my mountain climbing.)
3) Why are teeth such a pain in the arse?
4) Why are people born blind?

That's a start.

Personally I think "God" is a prankster and not a nice piece of work. Hopefully he's burning, I paid my last visit Sunday gone. People tend to die who offend me in real life, but most who were kind to me go on and become pretty happy. That's a sort of super power?
Are you can look at it as "God" knew we would need surgery... kinda makes you wonder what the fuck is all this about? Who is this demented fool "God". Maybe it really was the devils world before I set him a light on Sunday 12am EST.

EDIT: Actually it would be Monday.

EDIT: I didn't actually set him on light, I give the order.
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