Culture Icons... R.I.P

Honor Blackman dead at 94

While she wasn't Emma Peel, she was Cathy Gale--the first great Avenger ('cuz Steed and that other guy suck).


John Prine died a couple days ago.
He caught the virus - his vulnerability, from age and long battles with cancer, was well known to his many life-long fans; his death surprised no one.
It did sadden many.
Including, probably, this C&W performer:
This is the song that belatedly introduced me to the man, his gentle sophistication:
John Conway died recently, age 82.

One of the living proofs that egomania can be managed by its victim so as to avoid making themself generally disliked, is no longer living.

At his death he had been presenting symptoms of Covid-19. I do not know if he was ever diagnosed.

His Erdös Number (the "o" should have two acute accent marks, not two dots) was "1".
He was proudest of his creation/discovery of the surreal numbers.
As far as I know most saddened people remember him for either the elucidation of the Monster, or the invention of the game of Life.
I touch base with him on his memorization, in middle age, of the names and locations of the most easily visible 2000 named stars.
Christo has passed away. He was known for wrapping things up - like the great barrier reef, an island and the Louvre etc.
Lyle Mays , keyboards (and composition) with the Pat Metheny Group, passed on February 10, 2020 (aged66)


Here is a taste of this modern master.
The Awakening