Debate: Was 9/11 an inside job?

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Topic: Was 9/11 an inside job?

The debaters are scott3x, for the affirmative, and Uno Hoo for the negative.

Rules of the debate, as far as can be gleaned from the [thread=90335]Proposal thread[/thread] are:

1. scott3x will post 1 opening post.
2. Uno Hoo will post 1 rebuttal post. The debate thread will then be closed.
3. Behaviour of participants in the debate thread must be civil and as respectful as possible, considering that strong opinions and counter opinions are possible concerning the subject matter.
4. References to links or written literature are acceptable, but the one who makes a reference must provide an adequate summary in their own words.

[thread=90779]Discussion[/thread] thread for this debate.

scott3x's post follows.​


Ok, the one aspect I won't touch on is the WTC collapses- that has its own discussion thread here.

The Pentagon attack/flyover; I've touched on the topic in previous 9/11 threads in pseudoscience and even had a short lived thread on the subject there before it was closed:
9/11- The Pentagon Attack

I believe there is a lot of evidence that no plane actually hit the pentagon; that, in fact, the damage was caused by explosives already placed in the building beforehand; the part of the building that was allegedly hit by the plane had been closed down for renovations- it seems quite possible that explosives were put in at some point during these renovations and the actual plane flew over the building instead of into it. provides ample evidence that witnesses saw the plane coming from a different angle from the official story. While they all apparently believed that the plane did, in fact, crash into the pentagon, there are 2 very important facts to consider:
1- If the explosion was well timed, happening right after the plane began flying over the pentagon, it could create the illusion that the plane was its cause when in fact it was explosives.

2- If the many eye witnesses who claim that the plane came from an angle contradictory to the official story's angle, there is an even more grave problem with the official story; because the damage to the building could -only- be consistent with a plane entering from the official story's side, it leaves only 2 possibilities; either a bunch of eye witnesses were lying, or else it's the official story eye witnesses who are lying. Due to the extensive work done by CIT, the people behind, it seems clear that the people who were lying were those who provided the most direct accounts that the plane came from the official story's side.

9/11 War Games during 9/11 by the US military & CIA

There is ample evidence that the people behind 9/11 knew about the war games being conducted that day and the effect that would have on being able to intercept the attacking planes. This suggests that someone on the inside informed them.

The FBI charged Osama Bin Laden with other crimes but it -never- charged him with orchestrating 9/11. Even the official story has changed tack and now says that it was orchestrated by a sheikh who may in truth be a person with mental health issues.
My respected colleague is complimented for covering a lot of bases in good fashion. As the ensuing discussion thread unfolds, time will tell whether he presents sufficient convincing evidence for his position that the Pentagon disaster was a conspiratorially contrived incident originating not from alien terrorists, but from the evil hearts of native sons. Who knows. Even I might become convinced.

Points in favor of Pentagon 9/11 being alien terrorists include:

1. Eyewitness reports say that a plane was seen crashing into the building.

2. Eyewitness reports say that the plane was a large jetliner type.

3. Radar reports say that a plane was tracked at the Pentagon at the time of the crash.

4. Eyewitness reports and photos show an impressive fireball at the location subsequently deemed to be the point of impact according to structural damage.

5. Photos show a number of debris on the lawn immediately in front of the crash point which look like jetliner remnants.

6. Jetliner parts and an engine compressor wheel were discovered in the interior regions of the building.

7. Although the responding fire department reported that the fire was completely knocked down within about 10 minutes or so, obviously there was a large amount of jet fuel dispersed into the building because it was reported that fires still flared up during 60 hours or so. A jetliner carries a large amount of fuel, something like 10,000 gallons. If fires flared up for 60 hours, a large amount of fuel in the building had to have come from a large plane, not a smaller plane, or, no plane, as some people claim.

8. The official report says that DNA from everyone on the jetliner was found and identified. How could this be true if some other plane, or, no plane, was involved?

9. If conspiracy favorers are correct, then all of the passengers and crew of the jetliner would have to just vanish and never be seen or heard from for these 8 years or so. Here, in America, how could it be possible that someone could be made to vanish and not have contact with any of their family of friends for such a long time? It is like they were taken to an island somewhere and kept in cages. That idea is just really absurd.

That is all I can think of for now to present the establishment point of view that Pentagon 9/11 was the act of terrorist aliens and not the act of conspiratorial miscreants.

In closing I wish to thank my worthy colleague opponent, scott3x, for his invitation to take part in starting a civil and respectful discussion on this important subject. And I wish to thank JamesR Righteous Administrator for patience while getting this thing started.

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