Deterioration of the religion subforum

Visions not required

One needs no specific visions. For most it is enough to do whatever they do and say, "This is what God wanted me to do." Unlike Satan in Job, most of us don't have that kind of direct line to the Lord.
Well, apparently someone is confused... since when do neandrothals fit into creationist theory?

Apparently, God was kicking her ass for not remembering her scripture when she recounted her lil tale of God awesomeness.

(Let's not get into the fact that "Neandrothals" were short and almost never over 5 feet tall, stocky but very lean in body... and that cursing isn't really very acceptable in any church. Maybe she was coveting her neighbors wife ;) )
I equate what god did to me with putting me through a fire. Steel toed boots? Well I could have used some when I broke my toe kicking a wall in frustration. I see it like a diamond is made. And I'm in awe. Gods not done with me, but I am not afraid of any threat from this world.