Disprove Gravity

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Those who disprove gravity should first make sure they are sitting on a stable surface at a low altitude.

Because gravity will continue to believe in them until persuaded otherwise.
Acting as proxy or something? 'Nerdgasm' - how cute. Make sure to copy write it. Maybe take up your skepticism of standard GR geometric outlook, with the author of this Wki piece:
Or any standard textbook on GR for that matter.
It was an honest reaction to the words. Is a fan of R. Buckminster Fuller, including the architecture of non-rectangular buildings. Not in disagreement.
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Follow your own advice Yazata and address... Don't run away after calling Aaron Guerami a crank here...
What was that you said about ''ad-hominem ''?​

Addressing & refuting the original claims (repeated from/attributed to Guerami has been done by James R. To expect each participant to do so repetitively is dissembling. Cries of "ad-hominem '' do not detract from that fact.
Why is is this utter crap not in the Cesspool?

It sure as hell doesn't belong here.
Looks like the opening post was by a drive-by poster. I think we're done here.

Thread closed.
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