Do we have freewill ? is it biblical ?

Do you believe you have freewill

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(Does somebody wanna tell him? Imma hurt his feelings....)

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Ha... beleive it or not:tongue:

Anyhow... when the 2 teechers came to the house to talk to mom an dad i even herd 'em talkin about puttin me in a Special Class... but mom was really aganst it... i figger she might thank i woud get the big-head an act superion to my classmates... but i woudnt have... i have always treeted people as my equalB-)
...talkin about puttin me in a Special Class...
Sorry. With an IQ of 80, that puts you well below average.

Technically, IQ is the ratio of one's mental/intellectual age over one's actual age, expressed as a per cent. So, at age 10 you had the intellectual ability of an 8 year old. (8/10 = 80%) i.e. you were a full two years behind.

That special class was to bring you up to the level of your classmates.
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Sorry. With an IQ of 80...

High 80's.!!!

Some people freeze up at test time an im one of those people who dont doo good on tests.!!!

One time in the second grade the teecher was callin on us to spell words she woud give us an i spelled a 2 letter word wrong :p

Oh... an my first grade teecher slapped me when i coudnt read the first word of our new lesson that day... boy... was my face red:D
This just show this thread that people don't know what freewill is and still this debate shows us we are in the tip of iceberg and there is more in freewill in theology, science, religion and more that expand freewill determinism, fate, freethinking, animal-human relation, God-human relation, Human- A.I. relation, God-A.I. relation, subconscious, probabilties and more that show us we do more than we think.