Do we see objects in their past?

The Invention of Time and Space by
Patrice F. Dassonville
written by a french thinker, same language group as Carlo Rovelli, the book "illusion of time" that I mentioned above. I am not sure whether there is a connection, but the language you think in has a powerful influence what seems right, logical to you.
Of course Newton probably thought in English/ (proto german) [like Einstein], but Isaac officially wrote in Latin.
French assigns short term meaning to time. their word also means weather, the most changeable shortlived of conditions. temporary. We have adopted "duration" coming from the french "dur". hard, but the french do not use it.
not being racist but linguistic here.
You can not have age without time to have it in, and going back to all the overlapping ages before you, you might as well admit that time of all ages os indefinite, fundamental.
If the astronaut is seeing the man 5 minutes ago and the man is seeing the astronaut 5 minutes ago, when are they seeing each other?
The observing in happening in each guy's present. The action/status being observed happened in the actor's past.
  • Moon guy, in his present, observes Earth guy's past status/activity.
  • Earth guy, in his present, observes Moon guy's past status/activity.
upload_2018-4-26_12-41-53.pngfrom the BBC by sweatpea,
this is a prime example of look back time. photons from 12 Billion years ago, but the objects are now gone, moved beyond the horizon. next image (real photons) in the article is by ALMA array.
If some one exists on planets in this cluster now, they can gawk at images of our neighbourhood, what it looked like 2 billion years after the BB too. (glad they cant see us now, the mess we are making, because we are beyond their horizon too.
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