Does anybody have a shocking piece of medical info?

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'pon is short for upon.

'Pon my soul!, there are Fire ants in my bed.

@Spud. Still no F****** Idea.
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Regarding the original post which was the shocking medical information that ants are attracted to semen. This should not be such a surprise, as semen is rich in the sugar Fructose.
The fact that the Fire ants arrived immediately indicates that they were already aware of this sugar hoard, and had an olofactory track laid.
I advise the little w****r to tie his hands to the bedposts in future.
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Yes , Three years back my wife (present age 54 years ) was diagnosed for Pulmonary Interstitial Fibrosis. (Lung Disease)

Allopathy doctor tried Steroid Treatment .

But we had to stop the same as WBC (White Blood Cell ) count was about 3500 andalso there were other side effects.

Since there is no medicine available on this in allopathy, we switched over to Ayurveda and started Pranayam an Yogasana.

With Ayurveda medicines and proper diet the disease is almost cured.

Now she can walk 4kms/day and does all household work

If anybody suffering from this disease may contact us for more details


Oh yeah my friend Jeff was shot 14 times, 3 times in the head, was decapitated and cut into little chunks and then the chunks were incinerated, but because he is a follower of Cthulhu, with a massive bolt of lightning he rematerialized, healthier then ever! Although he certainly lost any measure of sanity, keep rambling on about the horrors of the afterlife in Cthulhu belly and keeps eating off his own appendages, which keep magically growing back in a flash of unholy fire. All in all lets see your Ayurveda do that!
Natural Bypass Collateral Arteries

After age 40-45 most of the people develop artery blockages.

Because of this many have to udergo Bypass Surgery for Heart.

By using following Ayurveda herbs it is possible to develop Collateral Arteries .

4) Arjun Chal Quath


Sounds to me like you are advertising your wares, which is not permitted on this forum. Selling voodoo is not nice.

Fortunately, science oriented people are unlikely to be sucked in by that kind of nonsense. The best method by far of preventing heart disease is exercise, and that costs nothing.
Turmuric is good painreliever. it is an Indian spice and dirt cheap too.
Here's a few strange medical conditions. No ants, though. Sorry...


Alien Hand Syndrome

Capgras Syndrome

Human seminal plasma hypersensitivity


Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva


Cotard Syndrome

Argyria (Photo Below)


Hate to tell you this, but that is not correct. It is a fallacy derived from several very flawed studies. But the fallaceous results have been passed around the world as if they are gospel.

A more accurate picture can be obtained from
Thank you Skeptical for that link. Someone really took his/her time to come up with something so well researched. Failure to get any article debunking it, I'll take this as the new gospel truth. There are places that still offer VMMC. That is Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision. The word 'male' and 'circumcision' in the same sentence is not meant to be tutologic. FGM in these regions are mistakenly called circumcision. :p
A shocking medical info

1) Men and women have all the same parts; they are just different sizes.

2) Your circulatory system changes completely when you are born. Valves open, valves close, some vessels start working in the opposite direction, entire systems are turned on, others are turned off. And yet there's no interruption in circulation to anything really important (brain, heart.)

3) Our eyes are backwards - the wiring is between the light sensors and the light.

4) Eyes aren't like cameras. They have massive amounts of processing between the sensors and the optic nerves. You wouldn't be able to see normally if you somehow replaced them with cameras.
Well humans are the only animals that are not equiped with the ability to regenerate as other animals do. But we have come across an ability to take and scrape off pigs skin a substance and bio engineers use a powder to help it grow, than they apply it to human muscles to actually regrow muscles.

Yeah true, this guy had his legs blown up in war. It was bad! Lots of muscle was missing and they applied this stuff and regrew his muscles. pretty cool!:cool:
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