Elvis Sibilia's Philochrony theory of everything


The past and the future are linear zeros that indicate the absence of beings, changes and events. Time is represented by a 1 (present) and two linear zeros, one past and one future.

....... linear zero ......... linear zero
--------------------- 1 -------------------->
.......... past .... present .. future

Everything to the left of 1 is past and everything to the right of 1 is future. The 1 represents now. Now we have two zeros: the positional zero and the linear zero. In Philosophy the 1 is the Being and the past and the future are non-Being.

Now Physically what do you mean ?

You have to understand it mathematically first.


Is the passed possible without presentation?

Do you mean: Is the present possible without past ?
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Time is based on two pillars:
1- The occurrence of changes (duration).
2- The sequential separation (interval).

Duration is based on continuity.

Disagree . You not gone deep enough .

Duration is based on the object or objects themselves . The continuity is based on the existence of physical things . And their movements .

The signifier is the written or spoken word. The meaning is the definition or concept of the word. The model is the particular object to which the word refers.

The word time has been defined in various ways and clocks are taken as a model. We see clocks, but we don't see time. The model of the word time are not clocks, but it's the sequential interval that flows in only one direction. This model is objective, but it is only known by intuition.

When we see the time we think of a measure, but we have to intuit its model. For example 4:25 PM. The model is the interval between 12:00 PM (beginning) and 4:25 PM (end).
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