Event Horizon - the other side

How so ... I mean, if this is the place for this type of discussion, and I'm inquiring about these things here, how would it benefit me to leave and go elsewhere unless you here are not educated on the subject?
If you're interested in facts about black holes, this is the place. But if you're interested in beliefs about afterlife, 'twould better to be moved to either Religion or Free Thoughts.

Are you playing games?
It's because pulling random ideas out of your arse is not the same thing as doing science.

Science is based on observational evidence. None of these notions of yours is based on observational evidence, nor can they be tested by observation to see if they are right or wrong. So they aren't science - and don't belong in this section. Hence Free Thoughts - or indeed perhaps some other forum for speculative woo.

If you don't know what science is, we can talk about that.

Intentional move to exit poster in play. I'll be leaving now. Thank you for your hospitality.
Ok, so I guess we don't know what's beyond black holes, but I like to fantasize and speculate - theories be damned

It's a portal, and a near instant rebirth, complete with new world, new sun, and everything needed for new life to begin yet another evolutionary journey.

How about you? What do you like to think?
First, here's what I know:

Our current models of black holes suggest that anything that falls into a black hole must move to the centre of the hole. In the process, that thing will be stretched and crushed, eventually having the very atoms it is made of ripped asunder. In other words, nothing goes "through" a black hole.

We don't know what happens at the centre of a black hole. If there's a tunnel to a "new world, new sun" etc., then it's a very tiny tunnel, and we're not sure whether it would be possible for anything to actually go through the tunnel to the "other side".

What do I like to think about black holes? I like to think that, one day, we'll have a nice theory of quantum gravity that will fill in some gaps in our current knowledge of black holes. In the meantime, I don't really give myself to flights of fancy about tunnels to other universes and so on. As far as I'm aware, there's no reason to believe any such thing exists, so all such speculation becomes pure fantasy.

It can be fun to invent stories. The magical tunnel to another world is a very common trope in fantasy and science fiction. At the moment, black holes provide an appropriately mysterious mechanism for such fantasies in science fiction stories, but it probably won't always be like this.