"every one is essentially alone" - a discussion

Quantum Quack:

"After all perpetual motion in itself is perffection is it not."

Well the question here is whether we can speak of a perfect flaw at all. But yes, presuming that we could consider perpetual motion, instead of motion at an infinite speed forever as a perfection of motion - and we shall assume it is not equatable to equating perfect flaws with perfection - then yes, the universe would be perfect after a fashion.

"When one accepts that suffering is necessary for life to go on and manages that suffering to tolerable limits one can see the perfection of the whole system of sufference and relief of sufference and how imbalance if managed well and enjoyed even,..... allows life to see successs and purpose of that sufference.

So to me the universe and all within it are already perfect [ perfectly imperfect] because I have accepted the need for sufference [ pain] and it's opposite twin, relief of sufference [ pleasure ] "

Have you ever read Marcus Aurelius' "Meditations"?
Posted by Quantum Quack
I think possibly it would be of benefit to think of loneliness as the driver for quality of our survival and self determination.

Afterall what point would there be if you were the only self determined survivor?
But isn't being lonely a state of uniqueness, and rarity? To be truly lonely one must be a singular being whose experience is inequal to all others'. I imagine there are few who are truly lonely; humans find comfort within the sociability of other humans, as an animal should feel alone within the company of other animals of the same species.

So then Quantum Quack, where would be the benefit in being a (lonely) singular survivor? Where is the drive for survival and self-determination?