Evolution is wack;God is the only way that makes sense!

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no not cynical or even critical, just wishing for the evidence to support the theory to be more conclusive than it is currently.
This question I am asking you is precisely the evidence you are saying is inconclusive. This particular question is probably the one that led Darwin to propound his theory in the first place.
no not really I Just simply answered your question: How did the finches come to exist on the islands?
What I was seeking was an explanation, one which gives a plausible sequence of events by which one fact (A) unknown birds living on the mainland leads to a second fact (B) 12 particular species are found no where but on Galapagos. By plausible I mean one that relies on nothing more than the data given plus the facts I added that I assumed you already knew (migration is seasonal, migratory birds will instinctively return to their breeding ground, entire species will not migrate at once, 12 entire species will not insert themselves into a new habitat.)
My answer was also simple: due to the time limitations 9 - 90 million years
That's not in the data set. I was asking you to apply just the data given, along with your common sense and reason. This extra information may have thrown you off track.

they must have migrated [ emigrated ]
But then I gave you the fact that these species are not migratory, nor do they emigrate.

Can you explain how (A) led to (B)?
@ Aqueus,
Do you have a problem with the word migrate?

mi·grate (mgrt)
intr.v. mi·grat·ed, mi·grat·ing, mi·grates
1. To move from one country or region and settle in another.
2. To change location periodically, especially by moving seasonally from one region to another.

If so please explain...
also are you deliberately being dishonest or are you just merely confused?
Do you remember what you posted regarding the question or not?

If you are an example of evolutionist attitude and behaviour it is no wonder you are constantly at logger heads with creationist.

If evolutionary theory was correct and there appears to me to be no reason to think that it isn't why do you feel the need to defend it in such a deceptive therefore nasty fashion?
@ Aqueous,
do you know what skepticism is?
do you know what agnotism is?
Do you know how important these two "things" are to doing good science?
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any way, how does all this science counter the notion of God?
If you were a omni-clever God would you not create a fully automatic evolution and growth system?
I know I would.....
I think I would rather sit down on the beach sipping a whiskey smoking a cigar than try to micro manage every thing....[chuckle]
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