Existentialism is NOT a philosophy. Defining existentialism on a board like this is impossible because it has no definition. It is merely a label thrown on some thinkers that happened to know about philosophy, decided it was academic BS and took stands against it. Kierkegarrd took his stand in the name of Christianity, Nietzche took his stand in the name of DESTROYING Christianity...You can't use the same arguments to both build up and destroy a concept. But both of these thinkers are put together in almost any Existentialist anthology. If whoever posted this IS doing a paper, you can have a field day and write whatever the hell you want, and nobody can tell you your paper is bad because YOU choose the definition of an existentialism. Yes some of these guys preach anxiety, others say existance preceeds essance...but just because an EXISTENTIALIST philosopher throws out an idea of what his philosophy is and says, "This is existentialism," another guy has the perfect right to say, "No, this is." Everyone disagrees on what existentialism should be defined as, therefore it has no objective definition.
elicash82 ---

Your definition of Existentialism is right on the money. The definition is more of a "non-definition." Indeed, as it was once put, "it is more like a 'mood' than a philosophy."