Experiment ideas for Ghosts


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I have watched more shows about Ghosts recently, now I watch shows about them on YouTube, as well as on TV.

Ghosts have the Ability to sap Battery power. Ghosts have the ability to interact with electronics. This experiment would involve asking the Ghost to transfer battery power.

I woke up this morning and considered that the Ghost should be allowed overflow power and an incentive to transfer it.

This Diagram demonstrates a Ghost being given three identical fully charged batteries and an out of charge Microphone. They all have visual displays showing the Percent charge.
You ask the ghost; "May you please try transferring the power from the batteries to the Microphone, that way you can tell us what happened to you, feel free to keep the additional power for your self."

I don't know if Ghosts can transfer power, this is the purpose of the experiment.


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Mmmm. This still seems over ambitious, perhaps the Microphone should be a simple word generator machine, (more visual that way to).
Definitely try it and see if it works!
I'm not in a position where I can try these things, but hopefully, a ghost hunter, who makes money off this stuff, would like to give these ideas a try.

This thread will be filled to the brim with Ghost experiment ideas.
I think you've finally broken the code. I expect to hear from ghosts shortly. Great work! Finally something productive from this sub-forum.
This is from one of the earliest series of Ghost Adventures. I only found this clip today, it's hilarious :D. I have only seen the later episodes of Ghost Adventures.

You can't get three batteries and a microphone?
The apparatus required would be the following: An Ovilus at 0% charge, Three Camera batteries at 100% charge, a Car, and an Abandoned Haunted House.

Ghost hunting is expensive.
I should probably up the ante for this experiment to work. Instead of asking them nicely to speak, threaten them into speaking, just like Zach did, by propping the Step Ladder into their territory.

The three Camera batteries would also be the same model of battery inside the Ovilus.
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:eek: Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. This is page is for Ghosts, not Demons. Demons are dangerous. Demons are for last resorts. Demons steal OUIJA Bandwidth.
You're not willing to take the risk?

What kind of scientist are you?