Favorite artwork

Goth art

Well, this is my favorite artwork for today, because it's my first time in a life drawing workshop in quite some time.

I worked with what I had, which is whatever I grabbed on the way out the door. Black conte on white sketch paper, 45 minutes.

I'm really happy with the overall proportions. I'm very pleased with the hands, and particularly pleased with the feet, which are pretty much the most difficult parts to render, especially foreshortened. I like the economy of line in the feet - didn't overwork it - but still captured the grace and balance of soft flesh over sharp tendon and bone.

Magical Realism In Art


"Magical Realism was an art term that was first invented by the German photographer, art critic and historian Franz Roh in 1925. He used this term to describe artworks which merged elements of realism with the fantastical, disturbing, mythological and dream-like. Some years later, New York’s Museum of Modern Art wrote how, “Magic Realists try to convince us that extraordinary things are possible simply by painting them as if they existed.” Leading practitioners of the style include Italian painters Giorgio de Chirico and Alberto Savinio, many of the French Surrealists and American painters Paul Cadmus and Ivan Albright. Mexican artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo also pioneered their own brands of Magical Realism. Let’s outline some of the most important cornerstones of this artistic style...."

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