Favorite paintings:


midnatt klarhet
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Post yours.

This is mine:


Hypercubic Body | Salvador Dali​
It's so expressive. Dali was truly a man ahead of his time. And the ideas it provokes... Oh, I love it.
M C Escher, has got to be my favourate by far, his paintings are so eratic, and chaotic

I was going to put up some Escher, but I thought not to because they aren't paintings.

This is my favourite of his though.

I like Dorothea Tanning's work:

The last living original Surrealist

"Ein klein nachtmusik" A Little Night Music

"Birthday" (self portrait)
Another Tanning I love:

Anieli stróże (If I recall correctly, it means Guardian Angels)

I think if I had to choose a favorite painting of all time, however, it would have to be Jules Bastien-Lepage's Joan of Arc.
It is 100 inches by 110 inches and no small photograph could even come close to doing it justice.
I hesitate to even post it here.
When I go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art I will stand there and stare into it for an hour or more.
It is astoundingly captivating and perhaps the greatest work of art of all time in my eyes.

I am also quite fond of Waterhouse's Diogenes: (currently my desktop on my work computer)


But then, I am a big fan of Diogenes himself, so there is more than just the appreciation of the painting there.