Favourite Molecular structures. Post Here

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Dioxin has come into the news recently, having been found in Irish Pork.
Dioxin has terrible effects. But what a pretty molecule.

or less colourfully,

I think there's something elegant about all molecules when expressed in 2d, like the bottom image there. One of my favourites:

Vitamin B12
Good choice, Herc. I would have posted it, but I figured the best could be saved until later.
Ah yes, some classics there. ;) I happen to know of a website where these structures are listed, but I'll wait to see if anyone else has any suggestions first.
Aww, ya beat me to it.

For the 'unenlightened' there's an old chem geek joke around nomenclature that goes:

If this is Pyrrole:

And this is Phosphole:

Then what's this:

I can't see all the images, but is it "Pylesonurarsole"
I can't see all the images, but is it "Pylesonurarsole"


From the Wiki entry for Arsole:

...Arsole is only mildly aromatic. Arsole itself does exist but is rarely found in its pure form. Several substituted analogs called arsoles also exist. When arsole is fused to a benzene ring, this molecule is called arsindole, or benzarsole.