Favourite Song of All-Time?


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Here's the game. Pick a SINGLE song. Your idea of the 'perfect' song. Doesn't have to be your current favourite, but you'll need to explain why.

(I will reveal mine shortly.)
Led Zeppelin - Tangerine

It is a very simple song, no crazy guitar solos, no complex composition, no multiple meaning lyrics.
It is melancholic and beautiful and it makes me wistful.
wow, hard one. I would have to say Money Talks by AC/DC. I don't listen to it alot because I am usually on a greenday, tool, Dylan kick, but every time it comes on, I have to crank it up, and drive about 10mph faster =]
Coheed and Cambria -- "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3"

Why? Because it is completely and utterly epic. Non-generic in almost every way; simple yet complex, and interesting lyrics to boot. Plus, to add a personal touch, it was the coolest experience seeing them perform this song live: when, at the end of the song, the crowd singing the back-up vocals (only about 2000 in the audience was far louder than the band).
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trampled underfoot by led zeppelin

good beat, like the keyboard solo and live page worked it for all he could and was a joy to watch
I could never pinpoint a "favorite of all-time", but I can certainly tell you what my current favorites are.;)

I'm currently HOOKED on the group Panic! At The Disco. Check out their album, great music to listen to during the Summer months.
while they have gone shit, i do love master of puppets, it starts fast goes slow and then there is a fuck off guitar solo which is one of only a few of kirks finest hours
Death In Vegas - Help Yourself

It's 12 minutes long, and i love every second of it. A balanced stereo system and high volumes are a must to feel the full effect! :cool: :D

edit: this is only really my current favourite, I think it's near impossible for me to pick a favourite of all time...
Like tiassa said, this requires a lot of thinking and deep reflection.

My tentative selection is not a song, but rather a classical piece. It would be the Allegretto from Beethoven's 7th Symphony. It has a cunning combination of emotions.
I was going under the assumption that it wouldn't really be right to claim a favourite song until you have heard everything ever written (which would be an impossible feat), and that we are really picking our current favourite.
I heard the Beethoven piece since times immemorable. Just pick your personal favorite of all time, adjusting against present-day bias.
I was thinking of this thread on the way to the store yesterday, and coincidence of coincedences, Hotel California came to mind. I'm not making a choice yet, though. Too many songs that I've forgotten to just go into this willy nilly.
the more i look at this the more i realise what a difficult question this is. i would much rather have a top 5 or 10. for instance i love enema by tool but i wouldnt call it perfect and the same goes for teenage kicks by the undertones. if i could pick a top 10 in no particular order it would probably be
trampled underfoot- led zep
enema- tool
teenage kicks- undertones
love will tear us apart- joy division
tornado of souls- megadeth
master of puppets- metallica
hotel california- eagles
crush of love- joe satriani
bones- radiohead
all along the watchtower- jimi hendrix
Favorite song of all time? Easy, it's: Ludacris, "stand up"

but...now that I think of it and analyze the history of civilization then the song of all time is obviously Eminem: Slim Shady