Favourite Song of All-Time?

The numbers thing is a post that was on a different thread in Free Thoughts. Somebody asked that question and it's a good answer. That happened to me last month. Somebody asked a question about caterpillars and my answer got posted on this thread. There's something very mysterious about this thread.
I dunno why but, I'm addicted to the song "One Winged Angel" from FF7. I have listened to this song for more than a year without getting tired of it. I'm still listening to this as I type.
lovin you minnie riperton
fever peggy lee
summertime any version
a train ella fitzgerald
dancin in the moonlight thin lizzy
changes david bowie
clocks coldplay (sorry)
god save the queen sex pistols
gymnopodie forgotten composer?
i want you Marvin gaye
I first heard it only yesterday, but there can be no doubt: Arcane Art "The Spiral Dance"
I could absolute NEVER pick a favorite song of <I>all time</I>...
but at the moment::
-Here's Everything I've always meant to say by JamisonParker
-Dear Lover by Social Distortion
-Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster cult
-Wheel in the sky by Journey

God, there are soo many!
Well I haven't posted in a while, and some of you are getting into out-of-the-mainstream stuff that we all haven't heard of.

"The Fool" by Quicksilver. A 12-minute almost entirely instrumental piece that is the pinnacle of that school of 1960s music. The first stirrings of progressive rock, without the bombast and the self-indulgence and the challenge to tap your toes in 11/4 time. Beautiful, dynamic, and stirring. And it transports me to the sixties every time I hear it, more faithfully than the Beatles or the Stones.
Echoes by Pink Floyd.
It's everything that I like a about Pink Floyd in one song, and it just feels right when I listen to it. A Saucerful of Secrets has to come a close second.
We're still going? Okay!

"Hide in Your Shell" by Supertramp. Good melody, themes, lyrics, singing, instrumentation, dynamics, production. Prog rock, once again without the excess. It's off the same "Crime of the Century" album as "School," a staple of the classic rock stations. It's just as good but shorter and a little more upbeat.
Caravan - 'Why (And I Wish I were Stoned)?"

Continuing the prog-rock-but-good theme. Virtually anything by Caravan will do really - they am fabuloso.
"Arcadia". . . that reminds me:

"The Promise" (including the intro "The Rose Arcana") by Arcadia. Simon LeBon's fantastic little project during his hiatus from Duran Duran. It's lovely, has all the glossy heart-rending production values of the 1980s, and showcases his voice perfectly. I guess people either love him or hate him, but I'm one of the former. That entire forgotten, critically dismissed album, "So Red the Rose," is wonderful.
"don't call me nigger, whitey" - sly and the family stone (i think)

straight classic.