Finish my Sentence

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Oh my indeed! considering that those were her pets anyway, she couldn't figure out how that got free from the evil..................
you know, like when you die but you didn't really die? Right, well, that wasn't shit compared to when
you're dead but think you're alive but you're actually alive and you think, fuck what's going on? And then you take a sip of the golden nectar and the cycle begins once again and you think, oh for fuck's sake... time... time... let's not get into that shit again. You know, when you feel like that and then you realise that being dead ain't that hot so might as well be alive and just think that you're dead from time to time, even if you're not and, well...
I just wish my goddamn ice cream would stop melting off my freakin cone. Stupid thermal differentials piss me off, especially when
until I, completley dissolved by them (Was that me or the ice cream? Anyway, I scream.) decide that it
would be in my best interest to start licking that cone as fast as I humanly can or else it's gonna fricking drip all over my....
..nob as im having a piss in the park on a hot summers day, but wait someones watching me, theyr about to......
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