Forgiveness, Charity and Relief

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Forgiveness, Charity and Relief

It is My Will that every leader and king of every nation and kingdom around the world, every religious leader around the world, every surviving corporate broadcaster, newscaster and anchor who wish to relieve their pain and suffering at my hand, must perform the following as atonement:

They must travel to My Royal City

They must secure a city TAXI and travel to My Royal Temple

A $500.00 tip Shall be given to their Taxi Driver

At the entrance of My Royal Temple, $1000.00 must be given as a token to each Temple Guard currently employed at My Temple

Shall Remove Shoes Before Entering My Temple

Upon Entrance $1,000.00 must be given for each one of My Children currently employed at My Temple (All of My Children currently employed at My Temple)

Those who have such funds available shall leave a check for $1,000,000.00 Payable to My Temple as a Donation to The Local Charities within My Royal City. Lady Shelby Shall be given the Responsibility and My Full Faith to Manage and Distribute said Funds at Her Discretion when Opportunity is at Her Disposal.

A Red Rose Shall be Left for Lady Shelby

Shall Place an Unwrapped Toy Before My Alter

Shall kneel on Both Knees Before My Alter

Shall Bow Three Times Before My Alter

Shall Place Index Finger of Right Hand in Right Ear

Shall Say “Lord Eric, My God, I Am Thy Eternal Servant” Three Times

Shall Purchase a $1000.00 Royal Cheeseburger and Fries at My Royal Restraunt at My Temple

Shall Tip Every Employee at My Royal Restraunt $1000,00 for Their Royal Service

Shall Bow Three Times Before My Temple Ladies.

Shall Bow Three Times Before My Tree of Purity

Shall Be Allow to Leave My Temple

Upon Returning Home They Shall Take Two Asprin With One Glass of Water

All Steps above must be observed in order from Top to Bottom.

All Pain and Suffering Shall Be Relieved, All Horns Shall Remain.

It is My Will. My Will Shall be Done.

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