Fundamental belief of Christianity


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Okay, from what ive seen from an objective point of view, the root belief of Christianity is the existance of hell. Without that belief very little of Christianity would make sense.

Seriously, if there were no hell what did Jesus save the Jews from? To a Christian person it would be obvious, he saved them from hell.

But in Judaism there is no hell, that is probably why not every Jew converted, because if there is no hell (in Judaism) than Jesus didn't save us from anything. When ive told a Christian friend that there is no hell in my religion, they said something like, maybe he saved the Jews from the Romans. But when Jesus died, nothing changed, the Romans still burnt down our temples and scattered the Jews.

So really, it seems that if the belief of hell is false (which im not saying it is, this is hypothetically speaking) than it seems that Jesus would really be a bit pointless, because of the fact that Israel was perfectly fine at the time, sure the Romans were a pain in the ass, but they weren't really hurting us that badly.

Also, in Judiasm this is another belief why Jesus was not the Messiah because of the fact that at the time nothing needed to be saved.
In my opinion, right now, in this modern day is when Israel needs a Messiah, enemies surrounding Israel, Enemies on the inside, all ready to obliterate Israel, and the Jewish people aren't united, in my opinion, right now is when we need a messiah. (If you are are going to post a wise ass Atheist remark get out because im not interested in hearing "there won't be any messiah because G-d does not exist")

Also, as far as i know, very few of the promises of the Messiah were fulfilled by Jesus. Namely, revive the dead from their graves on olive hill i think. Plucking gold from fishes stomachs, walking on water, weren't really on the checklist.

And when you really think about, Jesus was there to save the jews, but ironicly, it was his followers that helped nearly destroy the Jews. Talk about some serious irony.

I am in no way trying to disrespect Christianity and if i come off that way i apologize.