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Time capsule project: India first on agenda

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

PARIS: Some 50,000 years from now, descendants of some Indians will be able to read what their ancestors had to say about society today.

India is the first country where a campaign is being launched to get messages that will be a part of a unique satellite that will be launched into space by European launcher Arianespace from its South American base in Guyana next year.

Designed to carry details of every aspect of human life of today and the past 8,000 years, the satellite project has already received thousands of messages from people in 181 countries and will serve as a time capsule for humans in the very distant future.

But Frenchman Jean Marc Philippe, who in 1995 came with the idea of a satellite that will touch down on earth 50,000 years after its launch, says the messages so far have been largely from Western nations.

He says in order to get the right balance the project will launch campaigns in select countries to ensure that people from across the globe participate and that the messages for posterity are not lopsided.

Come September and the unique promotional campaign will get under way in India.

While most campaigns have a message to give, this one seeks your message.

Every Indian will be invited to write up to four pages in his own language on an issue closest to his heart for the sake of posterity.

Philippe and his team will undertake a three-week long tour of India, which will take them to six major cities -- New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

"We want to meet as many people as possible during our visit. We will be addressing press conferences, holding meetings in schools and colleges, talking to NGOs and the scientific and corporate world in India," says Sejal Gupta of the KEO communications department who will be part of the team.

"Since the time is so short, we want to touch the maximum number of people during our visit."

Messages can be delivered either through the post at the collection centres that will be set up in the French embassy and consulates or directly by Internet at www.keo.org.

Though the current deadline for receiving messages is December 31, 2002, Philippe says he would like to push this date in order to receive messages from the underrepresented regions, including Asia and Africa.

He says all messages that are received will be put on the discs, without any censoring, in order to preserve the diversity of various cultures. The messages will also be put up on KEO's Web site and people can access these once the 100 kg satellite has been launched.
I believe that makes sense. And yes, it should be balanced and represent all cultures. May be the present technology should also be documented... just in case people have to reinvent the wheel.
Anyway, a good effort!
I believe we are going through a time warp.this is going to begin just once again... i am sure...

Here is a free business idea.

Design a time capsule that stores a full scale knowledgebase which can be used by humans when they develop language skills in the next cycle. Have the capsules embeded with electronic devices that beeps every 100 years for 500,000 years.

The problem with Mahabharat and other books in India is that the information was passed down from people who were exposed to advanced technology to people who did not experience any such technology.
Or heck, make somethin like the monolith in Space Odyssey.

There is no god, afterlife or divine love. There is only Entropy, the mother from which we were all born. She tugs our souls with the beautiful, maternal love of chaos. Why do you keep Her waiting?
Neat idea but will the satelite's orbit be stable over 50,000 years?

I do not know. One could use a solar/nuclear powered propulsion system to keep it in the orbit, but whether the computer and electronics will last that long, who knows. Anyone involved in MTBF testing could tell us if it is possible.

Another idea is to code information within the junk DNA of a common specis.

Another idea is to setup 3 base stations on Moon and store a library there....

May be we could find a time capsule where Atlantis is supposed to be - under water....
I wonder what medium would be used to communicate! Will the re-created creatures understand our languages?

I guess pictoral is best.
Nah they can decipher it.

There is no god, afterlife or divine love. There is only Entropy, the mother from which we were all born. She tugs our souls with the beautiful, maternal love of chaos. Why do you keep Her waiting?
Such a cool idea. 20$ (yes, only 20) says humans will get impatient and go track it down after 1000 years, lol.
One can design items that can only be reached at ceratin level of technology. For example, information on interstellar drive can be kept at a Mars station. ...
As soon as we get somewhere to put it there, we can return to get it back...

50, 000 years is a long time, how can we predict what we will and won't be capable of doing to reach it...
We can not predict wild variables. However something is better than nothing.

A man made disaster can only take say 20,000 years to settle down while major iceage can take 250,000 to 2 million years. Our technology may not survive on earth that long but items in space can easily maintain in pristine condition. Another location could be polar ice caps that I think can keep hermatic sealed technology (mp3 players?) for a very long time including books perhaps...It can be set such a way that when ice melts, the solar cells could activate themselves and beep?

One thing we have not speculated is, if an asteroid strikes our earth and wipes out 90% of all life including humans and life slowly returns after say 200 million years, do you think, there will be humans at the high end that look close to us?
Yeah, a satelitte that people 50,000 years from now will find and learn about life today?? Bullsh*t, I say. By then the human race will either:

a) have nuked themselves to oblivion

b) be too far into space to care


c) the satelitte gets taken out by a ship on it goes away from earth or is hit by an ICBM as it crashes to Earth.
Can't we think something good ?

Why do we have to believe that we will all die and everything that we believed and practiced will also get lost ! I believe the other way. I assume in future people will be more close to the truth. They will understand the truth with their senses, not using any sixth sense but with the ordinary human mind and brain. Most of the things on earth have explanation and if required can be studies in details them why preserve dreams of millions of Indians. I would have been too happy if the same was to be done on some other country and people as we Indians, messed up all the knowledge which was passed on to us from our ancestors for the sake of pizza and Coca Cola.

Most of the 4 page dreams will be full of making more money, acting like a very ultra modern American accented Yankee, or making sex with Aishwarya Rai. I am sure there will be nothing more than all these. And if ever some one is saying about the truth out there, then its going to be the Hindu version of which says kill all Muslims and Christians, and lets have Ram Ram everyday.

Do you know even now exists a science with which you can predict weather even before 6 months, unless other wise our American friends are not using their HAARP (Is the spelling correct Spookz ?). We have many ancient sciences in India, that could be tapped and documented and studied for the betterment of life. These sciences do not asks for the sixth sense but belief. Do you know meditation and its secrets are being thoroughly understood and practiced at least by few people in Himalayas and else where in the country.

I believe the future is full of truth. And it is only for those who believe in it and practice. It is for those who make another persons life more easy, for those who believe in lord (you may give any name for him), for those who love music, for those who love peace, for those who are destined to be part of a golden era. I am ready anyway and I also strongly believe clinging on to truth is the only way to be in future. The rest of it will all be destroyed.

If ever those people who plan for this information collection program could spend that money in helping Indian people to have drinking water and food, it would have been ideal. And I also worry whether this is going to be a System Analysis study of India before they are going to experiment with our minds and see the result how much they were able to make a change in that. If that’s the case boys, please let us know when are you guys going to start “those things” so that we can start running.

May the divine mother be with us.