Genius Genes.

what kinds of questions were there? I picked out all the right ones on one of the personal inventory test (MBTI or Strong, I am not sure) and got my results in the category I wanted almost off the charts. like I said, you may have done it subconsciously, so you really are more right brained than the test states, you just happen to subconsciously want to be more left brained.

*edit* p.s. I didnt know what the questions were like before I started either

Can you send me a link about pregnancy management? I looked it up in google and found stuff about llamas.
Sorry, I have not written and published anything on that topic, so I can not give you any link to connect to.

You have to settle for the llamas....:D :D
I kinda know what you mean shadarcoth. my aunt died, and i cared more about what was for dinner. then my grandad died and at the funeral all i could think about was Hendrix! but i do feel emotion, sometimes a bit too much. I'm pretty self absorbed most of the time, i care more about myself than most people and if i was drowning id step on anyones head to get to the surface. I'm not particularly clever, i mean i can't do maths for shit and i lack common sense (which according to another thread on here isn't that common) but my IQ is like 151 which is just inside the genius range i think? (anyone know?) And killing people just seems like such a good option, and if they deserved it and i could get away with it then you bet your bottom dollar i'd kill him in a heartbeat!
Worry not , Even if every child is engineered for being a genius , we still will have to worry about what he will finally become a genius. I mean he may be so smart that instead of science he will just use his genius to get everything on bed. But then there will be competition too ?

I am least worried about 99% people not being upgraded. U see today most of the populations are under poverty, do U know why ? Tomorrow most of like U will be in poverty due to competition from the GE ones. Today’s poor will die and hence so in the future depending on their survivability, that’s EVOLUTION Guys.