Global Almond Crisis & Critical American industry

Yes, it's all a vast political almond conspiracy.

typical emotional trolling to try and change the subject away from what you are paid to propagate.

you want to make it all about my feelings to undermine the scientific discussion on the alternative aspects.

as long as its for sale your up for it.

now your playing the its not me its you angle.


"oh but im just a liberal trying to express my freedom of speech"

thats your next line ?

you are a troll

a paid sock puppet troll parading as a quasi intellectual middle of the road democrat

how is your emperors new clothes fitting in my thread you have tried to troll ?
typical emotional trolling to try and change the subject away from what you are paid to propagate.
Yes. I am paid big bucks to sit on science boards no one reads and argue with nuts to troll the good, upstanding people of the Internet who are only trying to expose the vast evil almond conspiracy. You've figured it out! You can retire now.
You should eat hazelnuts instead, they are more sustainable.
I bout some today :)
They are raw... an they taste like a combination of walnuts an Brazil nuts.!!!

thats a big jump
are you replacing it with something else ?

the bio-activity range of gut flora to process the band of protein is likely to be out of optimization with a shift to anything else depending on what you change to.

Im replacin 10 % of the almonds wit hazelnuts.!!!
I make a nut butter wit almonds... pistachios... Brazil nuts... walnuts... pecans... cashews... and now hazelnuts.!!!

Dont know about the gut flora... at least no ill effects... yet.!!!
given alergy development and peanut saturation in the consumer market, we are likely to see peanut allergies slowly continue to rise
Peanut allergy appears to be more common in those not exposed to peanuts at an early age, and (as with many food allergies) raised in more sterile or "clean" environments (or of parents who were). Current therapy is dancing around the idea of deliberate and slowly stepped exposure of very young children at risk (one or both parents) for legume or tree nut allergy. That fits the facts of observation, and can save the child a lifetime of trouble and risk, but it's scary.

There are hazelnuts bred for northern climate - the wild ones north of about 40 are too small and sometimes bitter. You'll have to guard - seriously: everything eats hazelnuts.
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