God wanted Trump to be President?

Discussion in 'Religion' started by origin, Aug 4, 2021.

  1. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    Is that punishment in a sexual way?
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  3. Luchito Registered Senior Member

    Biden as a 50 years senator is the cause of the trillions dollars national debt which literally is the bankruptcy status of the US government. Congress since previous administrations didn't do the balancing of budget but they only increase the limit of the national debt.

    Can't you see it? The government is literally broke. And Biden is part for this to happen.

    Every country in the world balances its budget, even Russia, Argentina, Congo, you name it.

    Evil impersonated as politicians has caused such disastrous status in the government, and this is something you don't see, or better to say, you want to ignore in purpose.

    Having the US government in this chaotic condition of asking and begging the banks to increase the limit of debt every 6 months is telling you that Biden is not longer running the country but his masters, because the banks and corporations own the government. This is evil at work.

    With Trump, one of his first actions was to denounce that Air Force 1 can't cost billions of dollars and that his administration won't honor the contract Obama's administration made for the manufacturing of such airplane. President Trump even said that he agrees in having the manufacturer obtaining good profit for building such airplane, but not that much.

    Evil Biden is selling our government's freedom with greater contracts favoring his masters, the ones who own the debt and use it to acquire similar contracts like the billions dollars airplane.

    God had president Trump to stop such stampede, but evil forces managed to convince you that Biden was a better choice, and according to the bible, evil is a great liar, so there is no doubt that you have been deceived.
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  5. Luchito Registered Senior Member

    Well, look at the cartoon Dog Gone Trouble.

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    In this movie you will see a squirrel using an acorn and going against a dog and with full force inserting the acorn in the dog's anus. The dog's screaming will be heard very loud.

    Very well, for us, adults, such can be even funny.

    But, when is about children, the story is completely different.

    How in the world, such action, which even the FBI defines as "sodomy" is freely broadcasted to children?

    If no authority is doing anything to stop the broadcasting of such cartoon for children, or make something to keep broadcasting it but for adult audience only, then such is a punishment from God to an already perverted society.

    You can tell it is a punishment in a sexual way. I called it punishment in a sad way... very very sad way...
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  7. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    I just wanted to be fucked.

    Pounded by God.
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  8. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Good! We should be eating less beef.
    So it went up about the same percentage under both presidents. Good! Higher gas prices = more American oil workers make money = more people buy EV's = reduction in CO2 emissions.

    So far so good.
    Yep. There's a huge chip shortage since the economy is recovering so quickly and everyone is buying again. No chips = fewer (completed) cars to buy = higher prices.
    Carter was perhaps our most Christian president ever. Unlike Trump, Carter went to church every Sunday - even when he was on the road as president. He prayed daily and read the Bible regularly, and taught Sunday school. He was a missionary. After his presidency he was a leader in Habitat for Humanity, and won the Nobel peace Prize for his "his decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts [and] to advance democracy and human rights." While accepting the award, he spoke of Jesus as "the Prince of Peace." His Secret Service name was "the Deacon."

    Compare that to Trump, who is currently on trial for rape, slander and sexual assault, and used churches purely for propaganda purposes.
    Nope. America has proudly honored gay military service members since 2011. They are the people willing to die to protect you; it is sad that you hate them so much.
    How did he show that? His rapes? His sexual assaults? His making fun of a crippled reporter? His attacks on Gold Star military families and dead veterans? His calling the US Constitution "phony" - and his calling US veterans "losers" and "suckers?" His refusal to go to a French cemetery to honor American dead because it was raining and he was afraid to get his hair wet? Those are the sort of things you think Real Men do?

    Real men are brave enough to get their hair wet to honor dead American veterans. Really.
    I am glad I don't believe in the same God you do, then. To me, rape, sexual assault, criminal activity, fraud etc are bad things, not things to be proud of.
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  9. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Trump got the deficit up to ($)3.1 trillion in 2020. Biden has since reduced the deficit to ($)2.8 trillion in 2021.

    Surging tax revenues as the U.S. economy rebounded from the coronavirus-driven downturn helped reduce the budget deficit for the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, the Treasury Department and White House budget office announced Friday. The fiscal 2021 deficit clocked in at a still-massive 2.8 trillion, although that's down 360 billion from the previous year's shortfall and it's 897 billion less than the Biden administration predicted in February.

    GO BRANDON! We need more of this, not less!
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2021
  10. Kristoffer Giant Hyrax Valued Senior Member

    Never been happier that I decided to put that demented Dumbald fan on ignore.
  11. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    This is simply not true.
  12. billvon Valued Senior Member

    So it's like . . . every other dumb cartoon that shows a character getting poked in the butt and not liking it. Cars 2, where Mater gets water shot up his butt and screams. Beauty and the Beast, where LeFou gets a scissors up his butt and screams.
    The fact that you think that's sodomy makes me hope you are not around children very much.
  13. Luchito Registered Senior Member

    Well, my former message probably was from God sending the answer thru me to you.

    If such is your desire, perhaps the answer is for you to dress a dog costume and find a brave squirrel carrying an acorn.
  14. Luchito Registered Senior Member


    Who are "we", and why? Expand your opinion.

    It happens that the higher price with president Trump administration was temporary, with Biden will stay permanent and will continue going up. This current administration is against the economy of people.

    God was with president Trump, no doubt about it.

    The silly hope of yours won't make the price of cars to go lower. It is already settled by this bad administration of Biden that "this is it", huge inflation came to stay.

    Enough! The Bible says that for God the day of rest and worship is on Sabbath, not Sunday. Then, the rest of your answer here is just bubbling.

    Who you were talking to?

    You better go outside and ask people about this topic, because as far as I have talked about it, majority disagree with Biden and you. And I go out a lot and talk with people.

    And disagreement is not synonymous of hate, so you are wrongly accusing me of something I don't do.

    You better take it back.

    You have not proved the veracity of those accusations of rapes and sexual assaults. Besides, those assumed actions weren't when he run for president and when he was the president, the beloved president of the United States of America.

    Those actions are not against God.

    Biden inserting homosexuality in the US army is against God.

    I'm glad you are glad with your opinions, even when I disagree with them.
  15. Luchito Registered Senior Member

    Not inside the anus, such is sodomy.
  16. Luchito Registered Senior Member

    Balancing the budget not necessarily means surplus and deficit will stay close on the weight scale, but it is showing the economic reality of the government funds of a country in order to function as it should be.

    In most countries it shows deficit, and their congress will work to attempt the fixing of the problem. In Russia the balance has been with no much difference between surplus and deficit, something very hard to reach, but is the ideal status in every government. It must be clear that the government is not to make profit, but to use the surplus investing for things needed in the country.

    Biden in his 50 years as a politician contributed to the current deficit which implies trillions of dollars in a debt which has been permanent in our economy for decades. He won't be the one who fix this situation, but surely he is the one in conjunction with others who provoked it, who caused it.

    The punishment of God was to remove his servant president Trump and put evil Biden instead, and tonight don't even close your eyes at sleep time, because his buddy Freddy is waiting for you... ha ha ha ha ha.

    Now seriously, God wanted Trump to be the president, but God didn't order for such to happen.

    Evil manipulated the media and computers thru fanatics who committed even fraud to impede the winning of president Trump. Their desperation was crazy, even sick, even the FBI was in their payroll for years attacking the president. The consequences of their evil actions are clear... their fruits are the expected...the current inflation can't be hidden with silly announcements that investments are higher and the future will be better. The current inflation is hurting the economy of the great masses and the economy for regular citizens continues going down without stop.

    Even his best opponent can't evade the recognition that with president Trump the economy was way better. God was with president Trump.
  17. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    Well, perhaps pleasuring myself is safer.
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  18. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Nope. A cartoon dog getting an acorn in his anus isn't sodomy. A cartoon truck getting water squirted up his butt is not sodomy. A man getting a prostate exam, or a woman getting a colonoscopy, is not sodomy. Sodomy requires sexual intercourse, and none of those examples qualify.

    If you are such a woke fragile snowflake that such things offend you, simple solution - don't watch them.
  19. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Americans in general. Beef takes more resources than almost any other food we eat, and it makes us sicker than almost any other food we eat. If we reduced our consumption of beef, then we would live longer, have higher qualities of life, have more food available for hungry people, save water in drought-stricken states and reduce groundwater pollution.

    And if prices rise, then ranchers still make money. Win/win.
    The price will come down again in the winter as it always does.
    It is not a hope. It is a fact that chip shortages have caused car shortages. Look it up yourself.
    The Bible also says that if you wear mixed textiles - a cotton/polyester blend for example - that's a crime. It's a crime to go to Church and receive communion if you wear glasses or contacts.

    Have you ever worn a blend? Or gone to Church without 20/20 vision?
    I will get right on that!

    Nope, I reconsidered and I am standing with it. You don't think gay people deserve the same rights as everyone else. You're not much different than the people who tried to keep blacks from marrying whites (again using Biblical justifications) or who wanted them to sit in the back of the bus, or who wanted to deny them education at public schools. That's hatred in my book.

    Not only that, you can't even be bothered to get the facts straight. Biden did nothing to allow gays in the military. That's been policy for 10 years now.
    Beloved? His approval rating when he left office was 34%. 2/3 of the country didn't want him. His average approval rating was 41% - a record low. He was the most disliked president in US history.
    If Jesus ever does return, you are going to be in for a VERY rude awakening.
    He didn't.

    Sounds like you are getting your information from right wing media, which is pretty fact-free. I'd advise expanding your horizons.
  20. billvon Valued Senior Member

    The reality of the situation is that the deficit rises fastest under republican presidents. So if you really care about the deficit, vote democratic.
  21. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    Does GOD have unrealized desires?
  22. billvon Valued Senior Member

    You definitely have a one track mind there, BwS. (Not that that's a bad thing.)
  23. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    I do have a lightsabre and can use The Force when I want to!

    Maybe I've exposed too much...


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    Sex addict with a lightsabre!

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