God wanted Trump to be President?

Discussion in 'Religion' started by origin, Aug 4, 2021.

  1. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    Yes, he just gave the rich a tax-cut and raised taxes on the poor. Besides he took a whole bunch of jobs out of the economy, only to replace them with jobs we haven't figured out yet like renewable resources.
    Ain't that a shame!

    Lucito, you are one strange dude!
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  3. billvon Valued Senior Member

    200 million Pfizer vaccines are enough to vaccinate 100 million people.
    No one in the US has been vaccinated against their will.
    No children in the US have been vaccinated against their parent's will.

    Why do you think such lies are a good way to debate?

    It's even worse than that. He committed to the purchase of 800 MILLION vaccines. That's a lot more vaccines than we have people. So if what you say is true, he is far, far worse than Biden. Good point! I agree.
    They are free, just as using roads in the US is free (even though tax money pays for them) and just as speech is free (even though we use tax money to defend that right in courts.)

    I'll stop there. The rest of your post is equally dishonest; seems pointless to keep pointing that out.
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  5. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    Zombie culture has found a foothold in the US, which is not surprising given our insatiable lust for blood .
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  7. Luchito Registered Senior Member

    What you just said is very interesting. It was an article praising how African countries obtained better results than the US against the virus. Later on, regular people posted in forums that the reason of their success was because they indeed use hydroxychloroquine, not for the virus but regularly bought over the counter for fighting malaria. Coincidence?

    What are you talking about? The virus caused deaths and several people going to hospitals everywhere in the world from its very beginning, no country had an easy time with it.

    Even today, with the three vaccine shots done, people still going to hospitals for treatment same as unvaccinated people. One or two, or those vaccines don't work with everybody or they received placebos instead of the assumed doses of vaccines. An explanation is demanded, because this is happening in several countries.

    If this is happening today after a year after the appearance of the pandemic, do you really expected better in its beginning? Seriously?

    Notice that even Fauci, your hero, has been already taken out from the news media. Still is chaos in reference to this pandemic, but mostly because there is no expert to find a real solution. The effects of that virus is so different in each body that the vaccines might work with some people but there is no guarantee those will work with you.

    Will this current situation make Joe a bad president? Oh come on...

    Same with president Trump. It seems you were expecting for him to do better and be your saviour? Look and again, until today there is not a single expert with the total solution against the virus, and the vaccines are just experimental, this is the crude reality. You accusing president Trump might satisfy your frustration but you should have the same feeling with Joe because the assumed solution still is failing.

    The political life of president Trump is 4 years. The political life of Joe is 50 years.

    Excuse me, but using basic mathematics I find that lies thru 50 years is a enormous amount against lies thru 4 years. I think you have not turned On your calculator and your estimates are way disproportional.

    You have confused an arrogant personality as president Trump carries with a bad personality.

    Not being humble is not a business or political sin, it's just a personality.

    I have never heard any accusation of president Trump before and when he was president, as him saying an expression against a group of people because their race., but Democrats call him a racist.

    However, about the son of Joe, Hunter Biden, has been found he wrote emails using the "n" word when he talked about black people. Such is racism, insulting in a very bad way other people because their race.

    Have you heard Joe or his son presenting their apology because the use of such "n" word by Hunter Biden? Notice that such is racism, but apparently you don't see it that way.

    But I can bet, that if such was the president Trump or one of his sons using the "n" word, in this very moment should be black people blocking streets, destroying business, riots, looting, signs everywhere with the legend "black lives matter", and more.

    This is called double standard, and in my opinion, it's laughable.

    Unfortunately, such is your position but you can't see it.
  8. Bells Staff Member

    After the utter fanatical tripe you posted in this thread... The irony..
  9. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    Folks, this is the new Republican Party! Welcome to Bedlam.
  10. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    It sounds like you're one of the many Americans caught in the right-wing media echo chamber of misinformation. Nothing you guys say is ever original. You just recycle what Tucker Carlson, or whoever, tells you. You really ought to expand your horizons a bit. I do applaud you for finding out little forum, though. That's a good start.
    Numerous medical studies have shown that hydroxchloroquine does not improve health outcomes for Covid 19, and that it can be harmful for other reasons. In the face of that, why would you believe that it is useful in fighting Covid 19? Do you think there's a conspiracy to suppress information about it's true effectiveness? Is Big Pharma to blame? Or Joe Biden? Or the Illuminati? How did they get the vast majority of the worldwide medical establishment on board with the lie?

    Don't you realise there's a much simpler explanation - that the medical experts are telling you the truth? Trump, by the way, is very far from being a medical expert. In fact, he's not much of an expert on anything, other than being an attractive strongman figurehead for a certain kind of person.
    I was talking about Trump's mishandling of the Covid crisis in the United States. Of course, the US response was not managed just by his administration. Different states had different approaches and different people in charge, so it's complicated.
    No, not the same. Rates of hospitalisation and serious illness are far lower for people who have had the vaccine than for those who have not. So are the death rates. Check it out if you don't believe me.
    The vaccines have been shown to be effective. The science is in. If they were not, why would national government around the world be giving their taxpayers' money in huge amounts to the pharmaceutical companies? Conspiracy theory again? Is the Illuminati behind that, as well?
    How did you know that Fauci is my hero? What an amazing man! Better than Superman, for sure! Almost up there with Einstein!

    Fauci is probably just doing his job, as usual. You have to admire him for working out how to work his way around Trump's stupidities during 2020. Without him, things would be a lot worse in the United States.
    I think you're projecting. Do you expect Trump to be your saviour? Will you vote for him in 2024 if he runs? Do you think that he cares about you?
    It is actually amazing that effective vaccines were developed so rapidly. We haven't managed to cure the common cold, either, yet. I don't know what you mean by "experimental". Perhaps you think that every drug is experimental?
    You're okay with your President lying to you every day?
    What about "grab 'em by the pussy"? All a bit of good 'ol fun, there, according to you, too? Not sexist or anything, I suppose.
    When did Hunter Biden become President? Why are you worried about him? Is it because somebody on Fox told you that you should be concerned about him?
    Don't I? How is it that you know me so well? Maybe Hunter Biden is my second hero, next to Fauci!
    I'm not sure what standard you are advocating for.

    Are you saying that if Hunter Biden can use the "n" word, then it should be acceptable for Trump to use it too? Are you, in fact, saying that the "n" word is not a problem, and it's laughable for people to get upset about it?

    Do you think that black lives matter?
  11. Luchito Registered Senior Member

    You just pointed a sad scenario which is unacceptable not only in democratic countries but in countries in general.

    If such is what is happening against a Democrat representative, I am with you and against the aggressor. I play no games when is about respecting the integrity of a person. If you read from me saying trash about someone, believe me I have a good background supporting my words.

    But, when you see how same laws are catalogued under different categories, you will notice that the input adjective in some laws really are just "technical terms" and have no literal meaning. Lets say "hate crime". In many cases the crime is not committed because hate but because hatred. Here you have a difference between these two words, because the first implies blinded aggressive feeling against an individual while the another implies rejection, refusal, this is to say, a feeling of defending himself from someone.

    There is a case of a teenager, I think he was 14 years old, who was always seduced by an older teenager about 17 years old, I think that was his age. The "victim" of homosexual implication can't handle it anymore and killed him. At the end, the "victim" was declared guilty under charges of "hate crime". Wrong legal term for what it really happened. It wasn't hate.

    What could be the name for the law you are proposing?
  12. Luchito Registered Senior Member

    If somehow someone find the way to check what I watch on TV, and also places I visit online, plus people I talk with, the result will show I don't watch Fox channel, less NBC channel, no Republican or Democrat web sites, and less in specific the show of Mr Tucker. If my memory still working find as I think it does, last time I watched Tucker was by chance when changing channels, and this might happened 3 or 4 years ago. I'm not a fun of political shows, I have things which are way more important to me than watching politics.

    The news I watch come from foreign news channels, this includes Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The news I read online come from links given in forums and social media in general. I do it this way because reporters from other places are not "contaminated" that much in order to manipulate information, like here in the US between the established sides of the communication media supporting the Republican or the Democrat party.

    You better investigate who were the ones doing the medical studies about hydroxchloroquine.Who paid them.

    Lets see. The reason why president Trump (who is not the expert in microbiology, biology, and etc, but the politician in charge of a country), ordered the closing of airports, business, schools, etc, leaving a vacuum in the economy and the normal development of the nation, was because "the experts" told him the pandemic wave will kill 20 million of Americans. Read it again, he was told that in a short period of time 20 million of Americans will die because the virus. Under such extreme danger, then extreme measurements must be imposed.

    In those days, no one knew with certainty how bad the virus was about, and all the estimates were from "just a common cold" to a serious killer, like in the movies, people dying in the streets, bleeding thru the eyes, screams, darkness... the shoot...

    Joe is not an expert as well, he is also the political figure in charge of the country. What did he know about the virus?

    I can tell Joe knows almost nothing, same as well with the best expert knowledge about the virus at this very moment.

    This is because it is too early to establish a sure defense against the virus. The current vaccine, which is experimental, became from night to morning from one shot needed into two shots. And later on, after another night and morning became three shots. This is to say, that in few more nights and mornings this "solution" will become a Clint Eastwood old west movie shooting here and there like crazy... and the virus will still sending people to the hospital anyway.

    Yup. To me was very sad that in moments of emergency, when political ideals must be left and everybody work together to find a solution, what it happened here was shameful, both parties continued attacking one to another expecting political gain. It was not hatred, it was hate.

    You notice that the number with non vaccinated people has lowered rather than increased. This is not because a miracle but because the use of masks. Same happened when in the last century with a dancer flamenco virus (Spanish flu... a weird name, because rather be called the Spaniard flu or the Spain flu more properly, like saying the China vir... no... better to keep it as the Spanish flu)

    This pandemic also diminished in great part because people started to protect themselves with masks, handkerchiefs, etc. Notice that it was right after "a war" when people's health was weaker due to lack of better potable water, better food and was a lack of available medicines. Today, the first to go as well were also people with health conditions.

    See? you were well, but I knew you will incur in a common mistake when you correlate the current use of the vaccine with science. "Effective" won't mean that is the correct treatment in many cases. Remember there are people who have also died because the vaccine. Also, it is too early to declare victory when the effects of the vaccine at the long run have not been studied yet. It is "expected" to be OK, but there is not a single guarantee yet that such will happen with certainty.

    Then, science is involved in producing the vaccine, no doubt about this point. About effectiveness, this part will be finally established in 5 to 10 years of "experimentation".

  13. Luchito Registered Senior Member


    I see, your heroes are the bad guys.

    Fuci also said lots of stupidities. He became a liberal hero solely because he contradicted the president, not because he was right.

    There is no savior in this current moment. If you vote for better economy perhaps, but only president Trump was to confront the big corporations rather than obey them. Here was the difference between president Trump and the rest of presidents in the past. All the other presidents were in need of the big corporations to have a great political campaign and pay them later with laws and contracts for "the favor".

    Candidate Trump didn't need all that, and when he was president he was to decide without any pressure if to concede the petitions of the big corporations. Today, Joe is not to decide but to obey what the big corporations ask from the government.

    I have a nephew whom when he was a child he suffered asthma attacks. He went to South America with his mother and father and playing with other children he had the attack. He was taken to the clinic to have a shot. This happened at the end of 1970s. The surprise for the parents was that at the clinic my nephew received the inhalator and used it and the asthma attack was over. It was also a surprise the inhalator was sold over the counter at any pharmacy. Then, they asked the doctor where the inhalator comes from. Reading the label, they found out it was manufactured in California.

    Returning to the US, on the very next day they make an appointment with the doctor, and there they asked him to prescribe the inhalator. The doctor had no idea that such inhalator was sold in the US. So, after making a call, he told them that the inhalator was indeed produced in California but wasn't approved yet to be prescribed in the US. However, the inhalator was in steps of experimentation in other countries.

    What the inhalator was finally available in the US market, my nephew was older and didn't need it anymore because his asthma attacks didn't recur as bad as when he was a child.

    You see, a vaccine produced in months and inserted in human bodies without preview experimentation of years, it means the vaccine still is in steps of experimentation.

    Lol. You just reminded me when last year I offered $10,000 to the first one who can bring me a honest Jamaican person. Nobody collected the money. ha ha ha ha. And I'm serious, I even posted it in the main social media sites.

    I think you believe Joe tells the truth all the time, please don't tell me you think that way.

    The point is about being "racist".

    In their house, at family dinner, Hunter, his father and the rest of them might refer black people with the "n" word. There is nothing wrong when is inside the house in privacy, but sadly Hunter words came public, and his father is a public figure, the president as you know him, and rather than jubilees, the best to do is presenting apologies for such mention of the "n" word. Hey, giving an apology is the best demonstration of respect, don't you think?

    You and bad dudes as heroes. No worries, at once I myself used to like Luthor over Superman, Luthor loved science and did things by his own efforts, while Superman had his powers just because our sun is not "red" color.

    All lives matter, and the current movie industry is producing films like crazy where the white man is the bad person while women prefer black dudes as lovers and "she friends" (black dudes playing as homosexuals and best counselors of women), lesbians over passing the limits of the laws of physics and capable of hit hard and put down strong heavy white dudes who are twice the women skinny bodies with tiny weight. Too much propaganda inventing a superfluous society that doesn't exist in planet earth. I am tempted to print myself a T shirt with the legend "white lives matter".

    My point is that for certain people, their leaders and family of these leaders can insult them in their faces and they will say nothing, but if the same insult comes from someone else, then they will cry hard and feel very offended.

    This is double standard.

    About God and president Trump, my opinion stands still, yes, God was with him, same as God was with Samson, King David, you name it.
  14. origin Heading towards oblivion Valued Senior Member

    I've requested that we close this thread since Luchito has hijacked this thread and we are no longer discussing the OP.
  15. Luchito Registered Senior Member

    Keep the thread. I prefer to quit responding here than others to lose their participation, I want to read their opinions.
  16. origin Heading towards oblivion Valued Senior Member

    I don't care, start your own thread.
  17. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

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