Gravitational medium as a negative frequency field/wave/curve

Yes, mass evolves to space. Heat death. All objects are being destroyed and turned into smaller objects, which turn into smaller objects, until there is nothing left but heat, which dissipates into space.

Very similar to putting a bucket of water outside in the heat and watching it evaporate into nothing left but the bucket. The water mass is being broken down into smaller particles, and being destroyed. There will eventually be no remains of that water, not even the hydrogen. It will all turn into dark matter, which turns into even darker matter, which turns into even darker matter, which at some point can just be considered "space", because there will be no measurable mass left, it will just be volume, which is 3 dimensional distance. The universe is "evaporating" into space. The mass is turning into space. Mass evolves (changes) to space. Mass evolves to space!

The Sun broke down into a smaller sun, and planets around it. It partially "evaporated" into what it is today, a remains of the Sun with the broken particles orbiting it. The solar system isn't being created, the Sun is being destroyed into smaller particles, which we call planets.

Space was always there existed , though . Space and the physical , like the periodic table , have always existed together . Hence each particle , in the Universe , needs a certain amount of space to exist in the first place . Hence the space needed for anything to exist is already present .