Greetings from FOLZONI


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I have joined in order to tease out the confusions in modern physics & in philosophy - and indicate how to work out the correct philosophical paths for any practical physics to follow (since I cannot TELL readers what to think!). This is more difficult than it seems because philosophy is a much wider subject than most people appreciate, especially as there are major cultural differences in its mode of enquiry & underlying (largely hidden) principles. Thus does philosophy overlap with religion - and my studies in Gnosticism give me some insight here too, though not that much insight into Eastern religions & philosophy.

Sciencewise my training is in biological fields, not physics and mathematics per se, though I am familiar with calculus, complex numbers & exponentials though less familiar with hyperbolic functions & tensors.

Clearly, as I have seen from many posts here, despite the very good level of debate in so many threads I cannot rush things, so am happy to explain to those who enquire the nature of the difficulties that arise. I also have an interest in human evolution and will occasionally inquire & comment there. :)

Thank you, Captain Kremmen - though I think your name is even better. You can call me Fallzoney or Faux-paszy or any name you like if you don't like what I post, and I will not mind.

Dear Captain K,

I was caught up for a few days on other things then I couldn't get into the site - you were doing maintenance. I am still trying to get a handle on the site and where to post - though at the moment I think the threads are well set up.

Hello, I am newbie in this forum site. And this is my first post in this forum site. So please welcome me all. And i hope all are help me anything about. Thanks