Guess who is this?

Okay another one which you might get:


Draqon might get this one (thats not the clue)

Clue: "She had a religious following through Asia".
Clue2: "She had a starring role as a cross dresser".
Clue3: "The animal companions she had while travelling weren't quite themselves"
Clue4 "I think I missed that she was a Bald cross dresser".
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Answer: Masako Natsume

She played Tripitaka (Anglicised version) of Monkey [TV series]
okay one last one:


"Snoopy had sworn that he'd get that man" (Should be an easy google)
(If I made it harder, Killjoy probably would be the only person that got it.)
Freiherr von Richthofen, Manfred Albrecht.
AKA the Red Baron.
Debbie Harry?


Not for *cough* older UK citizens to answer.

Not for *cough* older UK citizens to answer.

I'm not going to answer this one, but you wouldn't of recognised him without the mask.

What threw me was I was expecting Michael Barrett in that getup.
Ah, I thought of putting up a photo of him in his more recent costume, but then it would have been too easy to Google for the name.
Heck, I can remember him when he played a "heavy" and he got killed with one punch by Edward Woodward in Callan!

This will probably be quite easy considering his cult status.
clue: "...But he's not the sort of guy you'd want telling you stories around a camp fire"

Clue: "Tiswas a Comedian, perhaps his True Identity would help." (technically that's 3 clues in one)
Clue2 (well 4&5): "He gets French-ied alot, sometimes so much that his nose turns Red."
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