Right, or left-handed ?

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This is one of my old letters.

I've changed my style since then.

Lol Aliens....The Zodiac thing was hilarious!!
Didn't you see that movie Inzomnai?

No, I haven't see it Shorty. A movie about zodiac? :confused:

Btw, I found this interesting:

Handwriting analysis


An “ascending” handwriting shows initiative, ambition, aggressivity, optimism, a push to get oneself better and to change reality in a positive way. If it is too ascending, it indicates a detachment from reality, shifting into intrusiveness and nerve.

A “descending” handwriting shows a tendency to suffer environmental pressure, to accept others’ requests, to not take initiative. These people tend to be gloomy and to renounce.

An “adherent” handwriting shows the availability to cooperate with the environment, to be realistic, but not too enterprising, lacking in initiative.


Wide, narrow letters, expanded: when the width and the heigh of the eyelet are proportioned, there is the “wide letters” sign, which indicates a deep and rational intelligence, the capability to elaborate ideas, mental concentration, deep feelings, scientific abilities.

If the height is greater than the width, there is the “narrow letters” sign, which indicates sharp but instinctive and superficial intuition, lack of deepening, little tendency toward science, interest for politics, easily bothering, need of stimuli and intense sensations.

On the other hand, if the height is lesser than the width, there is the “expanded” sign, which indicates an introverted temper and tendency to fancy.

The “small” and the “large” handwriting: the height of handwriting ranges between 8 and 120 dmm. A “small” handwriting indicates capability to observe, bright intelligence, intese attention, easly memorized details, respect for others’ personality. If it is too small, though, it projects an inferiority complex due to the feeling of being a lesser right subject.

The “large” handwriting indicates the incapability to observe in details, tendnecy to evaluate situations as a whole, lack in sesne of duty and dependence upon others’ judgement and critics.

The “fluctuating” hadwriting projects instability in emotions, shifting moods, fluctuation between safety and depression, the tendency to work according to the mood of the moment, and it also indicates a disposition toward musical and theatrical interpretation.

The “reducing” handwriting shows a progressively small word. It is a rare sign, revealing the tendency to depression.
Enmos, man, I'm really sorry, my stupid fucking computer won't let me upload a picture of my handwriting.

Oh well, I tried.
The usual way, by clicking on Manage Attachments and so on...

Attachments are deactivated, I believe..

Upload your image to something like imageshack then link to it here by using the img tag :)

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Yours is nice and not seasoned enough. You still show signs of patience in the way you write!
Really? How?

well its all crumpy and stuff...

Older folks have account-type like writing, with smooth style


Notice how my writing has the same quality? the letters are individual...not run-on, not executive style...shows I am in 20's
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Ok, here's mine...


Hmm... well, I had a lot of hanwriting training in primary school (since I couldn't write in the cursive style :mad:) and my handwriting also has this weird quality of changing according to who I'm sitting next to in college! :shrug: