Heads up. New spammer in town. (Faith*Vanity Angel)


There is a new spammer in town who enjoys filling threads with unrelated gibberish.

I suspect it's either a blondie who's here to spread her overlarge ego by cluttering the place up with spam, or some fugly chick who can't get any who's out to vent her frustration by annoying people, or some fugly blondie wannabe.

If you doubt this, check her post history.
yea, im not too sure about them, i say givem a week to sort themselves out then start a block thread in open govt
no need to block them, it's only leo volont giving himself a allie.
as he feel's all against him, 15 post in an hour that's spamming.
she sounds a bit like dumb like you know like. :rolleyes:

From the posts she has already posted, she sounds a bit airheaded. Dont think shes deliberately trying to spam, i just think shes dopey :p

just my opinion, of course lol
Look at the private message she gave me.

Faith*Vanity Angel said:
well sorry but I don't really care about what you think ok? OK! Just cause type stupid things don't mean you know me. PLUS if you didn't wanna hear more stupid stuff from me you should have not of even gave me a message! Then you would hear more and more from me so if I were you, you would have probrably made the wrong thingy. Anyway and if you did want me to stop then maybe you should have said it nicer. BECAUSE if you act like a bitch to another person you get the same thing! :mad: ... :m:

More idiotic blondieness, see? The spammer has apparently never heard of spelling or grammar.
Oh yeah...saw her/him around....so far only pointless nonsesne seem to come of him/her....give him/her a chance though

P.S can we get some sort of gender indentification or something here...typing "him/her" is annoying.
could have something to do with that fact that she is TEN.
I messaged her to find out if she was just putting it on or what and shes said shes 10.
thats probably why she comes across as dopey. Or shes not really ten and saying she is to cover her dopiness......
haha...The god or irony has struck again. Everytime someone mentions their IQ in a sentence they make a grammatical error.

I think it is a new law of nature.
And my IQ were 150! :p ;)

No, seriously.... stop this prejudice against children. Just because they are children that doesn't mean they are dumb or immature...
she HAS breached the TOS just by registring tho, it says (or did when i registed) that you have to be 13 with parental concent to register

dont really think some of the threads here are apropriate for someone that age, esspecially the ones with grafic war pics of people being shot stabed ect

i mean do we have to think "i cant post that because Faith*Vanity Angel might see it" now?
Just to clarify... when I said "dumb and immature" I meant in the intelligence perspective and nothing else...

But never mind...

Asguard said:
dont really think some of the threads here are apropriate for someone that age, esspecially the ones with grafic war pics of people being shot stabed ect
I've never seen a thread like that... :eek:
yea, i was sort of making a joke, it is true tho what i said even if i did come off sounding like a jerk.
you dont spend to much time in the world evens forum do you TS?

i mean what about the thread with the video of the injured iraq being killed by the yanks?

or the thread with pics of a palistinan father and child blown away?

thats just to name 2
No... I haven't seen those, master Yogurt... :D

Well... I'm not surprised they are about the war on iraq, eh? :bugeye: :mad: