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I'm doing a project in school right now. You see, I have to choose a topic that interests me. Find some pieces of literature that differ in their view of any historical events or time frames, and then analyze my sources to come up with a written account.

I thought about doing something on Mongolia's rise to power, but that's just boring as hell. They basically woke up one day and said "hey, i got an Idea - Lets conquer the world!" and exactly that.

I'm now thinking on doing something regarding the evolution of a specific philosophy or event that changed the way we think of the world, or even the world itself. Something like that. Nothing really all that physical. Most people are doing their project on Napoleon or something. I want to jump a bit deeper But...I cant really think of anything that sparks my imagination. Maybe you guys can provide some thoughts to go off of?
to elbaz

there is a book by James Burke titled "The Day the Universe Changed" which disusses those points exactly that you describe. That could be a starting point for you. I'm not sure I agree with his premises, but the book is extremely interesting and informative. Luck

At least somebody had the decency to spark my imagination... Sounds like an interesting book. Though I cant find it at my library, but have read similar articles on the internet. I think I've found a workable topic now. Interesting Stuff.

No more Mongolia for me!
If paul hasn't totally convinced you, I would suggest something to do with the rise of the Roman Empire, or Ancient Egypt.

Romulus and Remus. Some cool stuff. They were raised by wolves, you know, then Romulus killed his brother. What more could you ask for?

Even if it probably didn't happen that way but oh well.