Hitler, The Spear of Destiny, and the Jews.

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The Spear of Destiny....anyone ever play Tactics Ogre? There was a great GBA game and the whole plot of it was about the spear...
Anyway, I don't think Jesus was Jewish. Maybe his mother was, but that would be irrelevant if he is supposed to be the son of God.

To my understanding to be Jewish based on mother it started some in the 1500 on 1600 , before it was based if the father was a Jew , then the offspring was a Jew.
By that definition Jesus was not a Jew.
I'm not sure about Hitler, but I know that Heinrich Himmler and Alfred Rosenberg were anti-christians who saw Christianity as a mideastern import that retarded the progress of the "aryan" race and destroyed Rome. They wished to annihilate the religion. Hitler seemed pretty pragmatic in his views of religion, seeing them as mere tools to control people. He was also a fond admirer of Islam, believing that he could use it to his advantage.

Add this one Gorings , step brother was a Jew.
If I recall, when Hitler was a newbie in politics, just starting to move up the ranks, a powerful member of the German government, was constantly against him and his minority party and used to give Hitler a lot of flack from his position of power. This leader was Jewish. He would bust Hitlers balls. As time went on and Hitler began to rise to power, Hitler held a grudge. I often wondered what would have happened if they had become less combative, would Hitler have had a different attitude against the Jews?
I always thought AH was a pagan, and wanted to replace Christianity with the ancient pre-Christian gods of the original German tribes..,.
To my understanding to be Jewish based on mother it started some in the 1500 on 1600 , before it was based if the father was a Jew , then the offspring was a Jew.
By that definition Jesus was not a Jew.

Are you seriously quoting a seven-year-old post? That poster hasn't even been active on this site since 2008.

Hitler struggled with Christianity, he saw himself as the German Messiah (a title given to him by Chamberlin and Ekhart). While Nietzsche was the grandpa of the Nazi "philosophy", Hitler idolized the old man's friend-turned-enemy Wagner.
Nietzsche, the aethiest, publilcy chastised Wagner for his conversion to Christianity as a disgusting act of a weakened man. Wagner, a virulent anti-semite (believe that) had to reconcile his christian leanings with the jewish "problem". Wagner, along with a number of loonies back in pre war Germany, refashioned christ as an aryan victim of the jews. Don't ask me exactly how they made that leap, but expect that it had to do with Atlantean like beings, and subteranneans, and Antarctic Nazi UFO bases. Hitler followed Wagner's lead on the Aryan Space Jesus; but he like Mao saw religion as an opiate of the masses. I would highly recommend the book "Secrets of the Holy Lance" (piccard and smith(?)) for anyone interested in this shit. The writers fill in a lot of the blanks on why hitler was interested in the spear of destiny, the true lunacy of the nazis, it's twisted origin. people should learn about this shit so it doesn't happen again -- the story didn't start with Hitler hating the Jews. That hate had old roots, and it's rise to power was fostered by the old men in hats clubs -- and this is happening again. tune in people!

Very well said.
Hitler was a poor student of philosophy.

A bird of prey that did not carry off little lambs because they were strong and tasty, yet because he viewed them as weak.

A man who saw himself stepping down from a mountain with a purpose "beyond good and evil". A man who corrupted existentialism with religious occultism well enough that 100 years later science itself was able to create its own religion.

And now we have a fear of both sides of this age old argument which drives us into complacency. Perhaps a great gift on the road to overcoming and self realization had the drive not been a stick that lead millions of innocent dead and our greatest scientific achievement been a weapon capable of repeating years of atrocity in an instant.

As long as there is hate there will be violence. And those who truly feel nothing will stand behind to guide the violence.
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