Homeless Billionaire


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I'm into many things.

Philosophy, math, science, arts.

I come from a really corrupt and evil family who pretty much sabotaged all my efforts to succeed. Thereby causing me to lose everything, and end up living on the streets for awhile. I'm in the process of recovery.

I currently have very little right now. I'm starting to get my life back together little by little. I've recently initiated a project to raise $50,000 which should be able to kick start a major project that my entire life is devoted to.

I consider the previous generation to not have done the best job with taking care of our planet. Leaving us with the huge responsibility to clean up their mess. I have plans to do alot for the world.

I'll be starting to put some content on the web pretty soon. I hope to find some good ideas on this site that might help me raise this money online. I hope to be a good asset to the site as well, and would like to contribute as much as possible.
Potato salad sounds like an interesting way to potential launder money. (Not that is of course what happened.)

Most people with sense won't spend money of things that are pointless or unachievable, it's one of the main reasons why those in the Games community tend to see Alpha backed games and pre-orders as being too risky to back nowadays, slowly people are learning.