How are adults talked into believing in fantasy creatures, miracles and magic?

@ Greatest I am / Opening Post,

It sounds like you have defined the limits of nature and physics. That is very Enlightened of you.

Notice under my name is the caption, "Finally we know everything". This is because it is absolutely true. We will never again find anything about nature/physics surprising to us.

I know some idiots thought the world was flat, and others deemed radio waves as heresy, but that was history, and history never repeats itself.

Kudos for defining reality for us. Perhaps even write it in a book so we can stop researching altogether.


two hundred years ago would need to view my cellphone as a miracle beyond miracles if I unveiled even 1% of its functionality.

Maybe in two hundred years we can look back and say you were 100% correct and we do know everything now.

Did you want to say something?

Not necessarily talked into it; they may have had such experiences. There are pernicious dogmas on both sides.