How are reliable personal experiences/stories?


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Hi All,
As a person who is not(unfortunately) science oriented I ask you:
regarding paranormall/mystical experiences what should we think about their reliability.Consider for example such claim, when 2.5 years ago I discussed personal experiences of other worlds for here:

"In my experience, when you live in returns time and live parallel worlds, there are those who order them- good top up, and others do not get along, so thay deleted from them .Some living proof , some part have not "

How rational/scientific minded person should regard such claim?Wow he claims "some living proof"
There are two problems. One, your english ability is limited so, for example, I don't understand what you just said. If I did understand it then, from what I can make out from the above, I wouldn't believe it.

The second issue is understanding how our brains work. We aren't computers. We aren't accurate in all of our perceptions. That's not how we've evolved.

For instance, we are very good at seeing patterns but we aren't good with accessing probabilities. So it's easy for some to find a "miracle" everywhere they look.

It's also easy for some to see things (patterns) that don't really exist in the form that they think they do.

We see faces everywhere even in clouds where they don't exist.

Regarding probabilities, we think the likelihood of an improbably thing to be much more unlikely than it actually is.