How many countries can you name?


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This isn't an earth shattering thread in terms of importance many countries can you name?

There are 196 countries. With a little practice you can name them all. Just learning to do that will make you more aware of the world in which we live. "Jetpunk" is a good source for quizzes on the internet. You can turn the timer off and take your time with this.

I think when I first tried the quiz I could name 140 or so countries. When you hit the "give up" button it gives you all the countries that you didn't name in red so as you study those a few times you are quickly able to name them all.

You probably have heard of most of the countries. It's just that some of them probably won't quickly pop up in your head as you take the quiz. There are probably a few that you didn't realize were separate countries and there probably are several that you've never heard of.

Now, if I chose to do so, I could name them off while out on a walk and without need the quiz in front of me.

It's actually kind of amazing that there are 196 countries when you think of it. The number that come up in everyday conversation is much less.
It's possible to get up to 250+ if you include some that no longer exist.
So more fun to try for the other 54!