How the Bible could contain genuine 'information' emited by an Infinite Mind (God)?

Can you conceptualize a non-infinite God?... If God is finite, can he (or she) still be considered an Universal God?

Seeing as I can conceptualize a non-infinite universe, then a non-infinite universal god is quite easy. in fact having an infinite God of finite universe would seem philosophically wasteful.
The fact that you are questioning a principle that does not apply here, makes me wonder if you have read any of the books on the bible. On this earth, galaxy or sector maybe not easy for the being that create it Humm, maybe not that hard.
Gentle being, I have words of clarity for your strangely misplaced logic. First there is a God, His will is that you chose to obey all His commandments, but He will not force you to do so. Why? Well He is all powerful and He knows what you are capable of doing however He decides upon your choice and that is the crux (sorry for the pun) of the matter chose right you live forever do not then burn forever. Glory to His name.