How To Build A Space Station

Discussion in 'Architecture & Engineering' started by Vmedvil, Sep 13, 2021.

  1. Vmedvil Registered Member

    This thread is to be about building a space station, there are several different parts you will need to build a space station from ways to turn oxygen into air to shielding from radiation from the sun. This will be a guide to how to build a space station.

    Let's start with solar panels there are solar panels commonly on space stations like the international space station that capture light and make electricity from the light.


    Solar energy will power all electrical devices on the space station using solar, the space specifications that were used for the solar panels of the International Space Station can be used.

    There can also be a secondary nuclear reactor on the space station if the solar panels fail which can also power the space station, though this would require uranium or thorium to power the space station if there are sources of uranium or thorium nearby it maybe a good idea to mine a asteroid for them.


    This will require some coolant in the device that can be continuously recirculated that cools the reactor, the nuclear reactor doesn't need to be large just powerful enough to provide power to the space station.

    The next part will be life support for this we have photosynthetic algae or plants that turn carbon dioxide to oxygen that way the air you breathe out can be used to make oxygen again as humans breathe out carbon dioxide which will make a closed loop from carbon dioxide back to oxygen then oxygen to carbon dioxide.


    This will allow for there always to be air for humans to breathe.

    Next we need a outer shell of the space station that can withstand radiation which will actually be a magnetic field which will deflect charge particles from the sun so it will create a shield against charges particles just like the magnetic field of the Earth. This will be accomplished by putting a electromagnet in the space station.


    For secondary shielding against things such as gamma radiation or Xrays the space station should be lined with lead at least .5 meters thick which this will block against high energy photons which are neutral in charge.


    The Outer layers of the space station should be tungsten carbide and carbon nanotubes pressed into a composite made of sheets of them put under high pressure making a outer shell that is many times stronger than steel.


    Lastly, the space station will need a thruster assembly to keep it in orbit this can be powered by fusion, Ion or chemical rockets, this space station will need to be kept in the orbit of a planet or asteroid by keeping a certain velocity that makes a stable orbit of the object.


    Well, those are the steps to making a space station.
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  3. river

    What is acualy new here ? Tell us .
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  5. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Bad idea. Nuclear power plants are expensive, heavy, dangerous and complex. If you are going to go to the effort of bringing it, it would be nuts not to use it all the time. If you just need a backup, bring extra solar panels. The sun's not going to go out suddenly.
    There are both charged particles, which can be deflected by magnetic fields, and uncharged particles and high energy radiation which cannot be stopped by magnetic fields.
    Lead is both heavy and toxic. Water works a lot better, pound for pound.
    And far more vulnerable to damage from impactors. Stick with a moderately strong, ductile, lower density metal for longevity and safety.
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  7. river

    Still like the Thread though . Lets continue . All kinds of ideas should come through here .

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