How to cure an atheist...

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Mod Note

Normally, I'd just treat you like a spammer and delete your thread entirely, but I think this needs to be said.. But with a caveat. I am deleting the content of your thread but leaving this here so you can hopefully see the message..

Are you fucking stupid?

No, seriously, are you?

Because for someone who keeps whining about this forum, you can't seem to stay away.

You keep coming back, like an obsessed moron. And posting the same thing over and over again.

So how stupid are you?

Is this a mental illness issue?

Are you that desperate for attention that you act like a moron? Did your parents not hug you as a child?

Have you considered getting a cat or dog?

Or seeking medical help? There are pills for what you have.

Stay off the internet. You are not adding anything of value.

Keep posting this rubbish and I'll just keep deleting it, or worse, turn it into something else. And you do not want me to turn it into something else. Trust me.
Not open for further replies.