I am a clone

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Click the following link, so you can see what makes a clone how Victor Elias Espinoza Guédez:
http://www.sendspace.com/file/u2g53r (in Spanish)

I want to help me with money, to have a normal life and build a laboratory, to try to touch the dimensional wall, which is the Rainbow.

The colors of the Prism, the light and water, the Rainbow has the same sequence, beginning with the color red, etc. These colors are the dimensional wall.

There is no other explanation for his perfect sequence of color and brightness. I want to try to touch the wall, but I need funding. I have no money, so I invented the propellant Vicansel, Flotapatin and others.

Help me and I will help you.

Kind regards
Víctor Espinoza Guédez Elias
And you're an ignoramus. I'm talking about something that is state secret.

You need a better translator!! I will help you with the title.

I certainly appears that you meant to write, "I am a clown".

Your welcome.
Those god dam kaminoans

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